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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation and Year End Gift Ideas (part 2)

All righty, here we go with:
Album # 2...the School House!

Here's what you'll need:

1/4 inch MDF or chipboard/thin card board
paint or paper to cover the school house, eaves, and bell
paper for the doors and name plate
Black ink pad
2 buttons
fine tip sharpie
Glue dots
3 pieces of 12x12 inch scrapbook paper
*if you paper cover the school house you'll need mod Podge*

Finish the Covers...

Following the patterns, cut out all the pieces needed.
Paint the front and back covers red, all sides.
Paint the eaves, once dry, glue into place.
(Refer to picture)
Cut the bell, doors, and nameplate pieces. Distress edges with black ink, add additional details with the sharpie and glue into place.
Add a bow to the top of the bell and the buttons to the door.
Set the covers aside.
Assemble Pages...

Just a little after thought...you could use the page folding technique for either album (the fold out here, or the accordion fold from the Crayon Album) the covers are about the same size, either would fit! So go with the one you like best.

Fold each of the 12x12 sheets into fourths.

Then make 1 diagonal fold into each paper square.

Unfold all three papers and lay them side by side so that the diagonal fold is running straight up and down.
Over lap the bottom right square of page one with the bottom left square of page two.
It doesn't matter which one is on top, pick the paper you want showing and then glue them together.
It should look like this:

Repeat those steps with the second and third pieces of paper, over-lapping and then gluing.
You will end up with one continuous piece of paper that looks like this:

Fold the Pages:

Start with the page furthest to your left.
Using the diagonal fold as your guide, push the fold (B) toward square A.
Repeat with the second fold (C) pushing it in toward square A.
All of page one should sit on the glued square of pages 1 & 2. See 3rd picture above.

Turn the entire piece over so that the square you just folded is face down and furthest to your left.
Repeat the steps above using the diagonal fold as your guide to push in the folds.
You should end with the folded pieces filling the glued square of pages 2 & 3.

Turn the piece over again and repeat the folds.

You should end with a 6x6 inch square.
Right side up = backside of page 1 face up, back of page 3 face down .
Open end of folded pages closest to you.
(See above picture) 
To unfold it, grab it by the bottom right corner and pull back.

To glue the pages into the covers, refold the pages.
Center the folded paper square onto the back cover, then glue into place.

Add glue to the top piece of folded paper and then place school house cover on top-
line up the covers to be sure everything is centered!

Decorate the Pages:
You will have four 6x6 squares to fill, you can decorate the triangle folds too.
My first square is a chubby little hand print and signature.

The second was a fun year-end picture.

Square #3 was their diploma.
And square #4 a class picture.

Wahoo! Two albums down, a few baskets to go. These really are pretty easy to put together-let me know if you get lost anywhere in the directions...
Happy Crafting! 

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SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Wendy, this is awesome! It's something that my girls and I can do together :)

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