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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Things I do for My Sisters...Family Tree!!!

I got this fun little email from my baby sister a few weeks ago. She is planning on making a quilt for her mother in law for Christmas and wants to put this cute fabric tree in the center of it...

So what made it fun? She asked me to figure out an easier way to make it!
Gotta love those sisters, right?
{Kidding Carley-I really had fun doing this!}

So what did I do to make it "easier"...

Honestly, it wasn't bad at all. A little time consuming, but not hard.
I started by using satin ribbon for my tree trunk instead of flannel. I didn't want to mess with the un-hemmed edge, and well, I didn't want to hem them to begin with. I also thought that it would hold  up better in the wash.

I made my ruffles by sewing a running stitch down the center of the ribbon. I gathered it as I went, laying it out on my fabric until I had the length I wanted for each branch.

I cut the ends of my ribbon into a narrowing point and then burned the edges to prevent fraying.
I also used the funky forked end of the ribbon to create another set of branches.

I kept pinning the "branches" together until I liked the look of my tree, then went back and sewed the ruffles into place with my sewing machine.

Then came the fun part..flowers and leaves!
The large flowers represent a member of my family, the smaller ones just fun little accents, but could be used to represent grandchildren if you've got them.
Again, I just used ribbon and rolled/glued and then stitched to keep them together.
 I used felt for the leaves but if it's going on a quilt (hint, hint) I would make little fabric ones instead.

Everything was stitched into place and then I went back and sewed in the beads. I didn't do the little name tags, pretty sure they wouldn't make it through the wash...
but do need to come up with some way to add names...any ideas? Please share!

Last I stitched in the lettering. I printed out the saying I wanted, in a font I liked and then traced it onto my fabric.
I used embroidery floss and a back stitch to finish it.
And ta-dah!!! I just grew a tree.

So details... the frame I put this in is a 16x24.
I used an entire spool of brown satin ribbon that I picked up at Walmart for $2.97-
I think it was 10 yds?
My tree is on a piece of canvas, so it wasn't easy to sew through, but it is very durable, and I like it for framing not for quilting.
I sprayed my tree with liquid starch and ironed it after it was sewn into place to help the ruffles lay a little flatter. It also helped to close up any little "gaps" between the ribbons in the trunk.
All in all this was probably a 5-6 hr project. (Not to bad!)

After thoughts...If your family is big enough, some grass and a few growing flowers would be cute. I would hand stitch the grass and stems.
I'm thinking of adding a little heart to the trunk with the initials J + W.
Like it was carved into the trunk...like when you were little and that was cute, okay it would still be cute now.
And how about a little bird or two (love birds?) in the tree.
Yeah, I'm totally excited at the thought of one day, far from now, adding to my little tree...

Anyway, {Carley} it wasn't bad, you can totally do this, and if you need help, you know where I live!
Happy Crafting.

October Blockheads...Round 2!!!

So just when I think I'm getting back on my game, life throws me a curve ball! A curve ball in the form of lightening that is.
Long story short, we have been experiencing several lightening storms over the last few days and they're not expected to go away until this weekend.
My vonage device apparently does not like lightening, it has been on the fritz since Sunday.
The bad news, my post schedule got a lot messed up.
The good news, I've seen some REALLY cool lightening over the last few days!!!

So on to that promised second posting of October Blockheads...

Monsters and more monsters, I love it!
The cute kind anyway- have I ever mentioned how much I HATE to be scared?
This little man will be bringing more smiles than screams...
meet Count Block-ula!

(His eyebrows make me giggle!)
So that makes the witch, Frankie and the Mrs., Dracie here, what could be left?
MUMMY of course!

This one's so easy, it's a crime to sell him! Simply wrap your block with a piece of torn muslin, blush your cheeks, glue on a nose and some spider friends, dot the eyes and your mummy is good to go!

Every monster needs a few accessories to help with that "SPOOKY" look, so why not start with one of these...

Black Cats are all the rage this fall! Do you have yours yet?

And last, bats in the attic? Definitely...

I have several and I'm thinking I need a few more.
So there you go, eight fun little critters all ready for Halloween tricks and treats!
Keep your eyes out for the tutorials to make your own little herd of monsters.
Because of the technical glitches, these aren't in my shop yet, but will be soon.
You can always drop me an email if by chance you can't wait!
Kits retail for $5 each and include (almost) everything you need to finish them.

Happy Crafting.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Look What Showed Up in the Shop this Weekend!!!

Can I tell you a little story?
Last year about this time, I started this blog and opened up my etsy shop. About a month later, I made this cute little guy...

...it started this crazy idea in my head.
 "I could make one of these for every month of the year, it'll be great!"
And it has been great, and so much fun.
But the ironic part of it was, the next set of Blockheads I designed were going in the wrong direction, I made a set of Halloween ones.
And it has been killing me to sit on them for almost an entire year! So why then would I wait until the end of September to show them to you? I don't have a good answer, so instead of waiting any longer let me introduce you to my Halloween Blockheads...
Up first is my First Lady of Halloween, Miss Witchie-Poo!
I am absolutely in LOVE with her, right down to the warts on her nose!

And then there's my leading man, Frank E. Stein. So simple, but SO cute...
and don't forget his super sweet young bride,
meet the Mrs...
...don't you just LOVE that hair!

And last for today, what Halloween is complete without a creepy crawly little friend?

Too cute to be scary! but absolutely necessary!
(He he, dorky rhyme)

Did you catch that last part..."last for TODAY..." yep, that's right, I've got FOUR more to share with you tomorrow.
I dare say, I'm a little obsessed with these blockheads of mine. But they were so much fun, I couldn't help it. Sharing these also reminded me that I never put up the tutorials for the scarecrow and owl...whoops! sorry.
{Have I mentioned that I've been a little crazy lately?}
Okay here's the business end of things:
You can find all the kits for these little friends in my shop...Well Good! or wait for the tutorials to appear here on Craft Goodies.

So lots to do, lots to look forward to...
I'll see you tomorrow, happy crafting.

Monday, September 19, 2011


It's (one of )my MOST favorite time of the year!
If you are by chance unfamiliar with what I believe should be an official holiday, Super Saturday is a wonderful day of crafting, chatting, eating, learning, friends, laughing, and pure joy that is hosted by the Relief Society at my church.

It really is just a "super" fun day to hang out with friends doing all kinds of girl things, and who couldn't use one of those? So what will we be spending our special day creating?
Let me show you...

(This post is being shared with the super fab gals from my ward, so if that's you,
please read the descriptions carefully and feel free to contact Dustie or myself with any questions you might have!
Also please note that we have chosen projects that we feel are VERY USER FRIENDLY, we don't want anyone to feel like you can't make any of these projects. If you have a question about something please ask, also we will be there all day on the 8th to help where ever needed.)

**If you choose a project that allows you to bring your own paper/paint contact me for the pricing difference.

For those of you not in my ward I will provide links where appropriate to the ideas we were inspired by and too, feel free to ask any questions you might have...

Dress Form Hairbow Holder
Inspiration site: Lil Zoe

Cost: $18
Includes: Wood Form, paper to cover, tulle for skirt, all ribbons and flowers, mod podge, brushes, and paint for the back.
You supply: glue gun and scissors if you have them

Count Down Blocks

Cost: $10 per set
Choose between Days 'til Christmas
double-sided Days to Vacation/Days until Back-to-School
Includes: blocks and base pieces, sandpaper, paint and brushes, pre-cut paper squares and vinyl numbers, labels, mod podge, and we will have ink pads available for your use.

Family Chore Chart

Cost: $12
(Additional frames can be added for $1 per frame)
Choose between Black or Brown base/papers
**or supply your own papers
Includes: base board, pegs, hanging chalkboard tags, oval label cutout and flourishes, 5 frames, 5 clips, all paper and embellishments including ribbon, paint and brushes, mod podge.

You supply: glue gun and scissors/paper cutter if you have them

Count Your Blessings Board
Lil Luna

Cost: $15
Choose between Black or Brown paint/papers
**or supply your own
Includes: Base board, 4 picture boards, paint and brushes, papers, mod podge, vinyl lettering, all ribbons, clips, and embellishments, and ink pads will be available for your use.

You supply: glue gun, scissors if you have them

Temple Block/ Mission Block
Temple Blocks via Lil Luna  Mission Bliocks via me!

Cost: $3 ea
Choose from Houston or SLC Temple
 with either "I'm Going There Someday" or "I Love To See The Temple" saying.

Missionary Tag for Sister or Elder, photo reads "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"

Includes: Block, paint, snad paper, photo, mod podge, embellishments.

Family Rules Board
Vinyl provided by Under My Umbrella

Cost: $15
Choose from Black or Brown Paint **or bring your own paint
Includes: base board, paint and brushes, sand paper, vinyl lettering, spray sealer

Initial Pillow Covering

Cost: $3
Choose from brown or black paint
Includes: fabric pillow case, stencil, paint, ribbon, needles and thread 
Be sure to leave your initial choice and ribbon color.
*does not include pillow form

Holiday Blockheads
Well Good on Etsy

Cost: $10
Includes: full kits-everything you need will be there!

You supply: glue gun and scissors if you have them
(if you have any scrap pieces of paper you'd like to get rid of, this is a great way to do it)

JOY Word...of the Month Kit
Well Good on Esty
Cost: $8
Includes: letters, bell, and base piece, paper, bow, paint, brushes, mod podge, ink pads will be availablefor you to use.

You supply: glue gun and scissors if you have them

Family Yahtzee Game
The blog where I originally found this idea, The Thrify Chick is no longer running but you can find other tutorials by searching "handmade Yahtzee games".
Cost: $7
Includes: storage box with personalized label, blocks, sand paper, score sheets and rules, numbers for blocks, paint and brushes, and mod podge.

You supply: scissors/paper cutter and pictures!!!
You need 5 copies of 6 different pictures (can be families, individuals, your dogs, stickers, whatever you want on your dice!) It would be helpful if you have your pictures cut down prior to coming as this is the longest step, they should measure 1.25 x 1.25 inches each.

Wooden Block Nativity Set

Cost: $4
Includes: 13 character blocks and the stable block, sand paper, clipart pictures, mod podge and brushes, 2 jumbo craft sticks and star cutout, ink pads will be available for you to use.

You supply: paper cutter/scissors and a ruler
**paint if you wish to paint the blocks versus leave them natural

30 Fast & Easy FHE Ideas...Bucket

Cost: $12
Includes: paint bucket, 30 individual lesson icons, typed lesson plans with binding, paper to cover and label for bucket.

How it works: Simply reach into the bucket and pick out an icon. Match the icon to the lesson plan and FHE away! Everything you need to pull off a successful, fast and easy FHE lesson is on the corresponding card-super fun idea for the kiddos!
(Whale= Jonah and the Whale, Play Money= Tithing, Baby in a Basket= Story of Moses, etc)

Initial Plaque
Signs by Andrea
Cost: $8

Includes: Base plank, large initial stencil, vinyl overlay, sand paper, paint, and brushes.
Be sure to leave the initial and name you want on each board!

Families are Forever Blocks

Cost: $12
Choose between black/gray (shown) or brown/blue papers and paint
**or bring your own

Includes: blocks, sand paper and paint, pre-cut papers, lettering, ribbons and embellishments, mod podge and brushes, ink pads will be available for you to use.
-the back ground paper on the top block will be lighter so the lettering will stand out more!

You supply: scissors and hot glue gun if you have them

Alright! There you go, hopefully a little something for everyone. A few things to remember,
sign ups/money should be turned in to Dustie by Sunday 9/25.
This is such a great time to invite non-member friends and family, or even your older kiddos so spread the word-
the more the merrier.
We are offering TWO FREE PROJECTS!
Come learn how to make( and take) a sweet little necklace
Then She Made
or hand sew a simple holiday project.

We'll have everything there for you, we just need you to show up.
For planning purposes there will be a sign-up sheet, please add your name if you think you might like to make one.
Limit two necklaces and one tree per person.

 And last, even if crafts aren't your thing there will be SEVERAL class available for you to attend to learn something new as well as a great lunch for you to enjoy.
So join us for a great, SUPER day-
Saturday, October 8, 2011.

Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Have A Winner!!! {My Memories Suite Giveaway}

Hello! I promise, I haven't forgotten you, I am just crazy busy!!!
But the good news is it's all stuff I can share with you, as soon as I'm done.

I'm swimming in orders (which I am SO grateful for-THANK YOU), putting together 16 projects for  Super Saturday-and I think they are pretty super, and planning a personal progress Super Service Day for the young women in my ward.

Busy, but loving it. And if I don't get busy today and tomorrow I will probably have some very upset people, so with that I leave you with a smile for saying "HI"
and the big winner of the My Memories Suite Giveaway!!!

Congratulations to:
JESSIE who said...
"I like the sweet boy template! I just had a boy!"

Congrats Jessie, on the win and the little one! Keep an eye out for my email.
And too, thanks to those of you that took a few minutes to enter. You make me smile...

And remember, you can still pick up this rockin' software at a great price.
Use the following coupon code on the My Memories Suite software for a $10 discount off the purchase price! You'll then receive a coupon for another $10 to use in the online store-MyMemories.com!
Here's the magic combo:
Have a great day/night, I'm off to a date with my saw...again!
Happy Crafting.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a PARTY!!!! T.G.I.F. Style...

Got a big weekend planned?
I'm looking forward to just hanging out at home with my crazy kiddos!

Happy flash back 3yrs moment! But seriously, it's always like this at my house!
And of course checking out all your super fabulous links. So I was a total lamer last week and didn't post a party-life was in chaos. So I'm highlighting from two weeks back...

I'm obsessing over OWLS! I think it's my need for fall screaming out, but this little lovebird had me at the start...

So cute, just waiting for a big squishy hug!
Stubbornly Crafty you rock my owl cravings!

This is such a great idea for you moms of little ones with tattle tale issues...

Mariah from Giggles Galore shares with you this fun Tattle Monster-
my daughter's 1st grade teacher used one too, they work GREAT!
But, I am thinking Halloween costume...

We all had similar tastes this week as my top three picks were your top three too! So last to grab a little Craft Goodies fame this week is...
White Stitched Jeans from Project: Possible!

Cause we all want to be cute and stylish, right?
Thanks ladies for your awesomeness! Grab a button and wear it proud.

Craft Goodies
{Click HERE for the HTML code or just copy and paste the button above}

Okay, here we go-

No rules, just fun. Be nice to others and keep it friendly-that's all I ask.
Please visit each other and comment where you can, we all need a pat on the back sometimes!
My favorite blog quote of late is "don't be a link-and-run blogger!"
Get the word out that this is the place to go and let's see this party grow, grow, grow!
Share whatcha got cause we want to see it...
By linking you allow me to feature your greatness at a later date giving all credit to you with a link back to your post of course.

Craft Goodies
Have fun, can't wait to see what you've been working on...
Happy Crafting!!!

Numbered Cubby Shelf !!! September WYLTC? Project

Hello to you all!
Did you see that Wood You Like to Craft? is back and well, crafting!
This month's theme was shelves. Who can't use a fun shelf? There were some great ideas shared, can't wait to give a few of them a try, until then here's my little number...

I love shelves, so when Krystal announced this month's theme I knew exactly what I wanted to tackle...
Number Cubby Shelf

I wanted one of these little P.B. Kids cubby shelves!!!
You see my kids have this problem, they can't seem to figure out that their shoes do not belong in the middle of the entry way, and why it would drive me crazy to continually trip over them every time I come in the front door.
Hopefully, with our new cubby shelf in place, we have fixed that problem.

So first, I must tell you this was a try as you go project, so I failed miserably to take a lot of pictures-I was a little to focused on making it all fit together as I didn't draw it out first. {Sorry}
But the good news is, it was really easy!

Here's what I used:
* 1/2 inch MDF board cut to 12 inches wide by 48 inches long for the back piece
*1/4 inch piece of MDF cut to 9 1/4 inches by 48 inches for the front panel
*1/4 inch MDF piece cut to 5 inches by 48 inches for the bottom
6 divider pieces cut like this:

I nailed and glued the end dividers into place on the back panel and then measured in 9 inches and put up the next set of dividers, measured in 9 inches and then set the last dividers into place.
Be sure to measure both the top and bottom of the pieces to be sure you nail them in straight! Then nail and glue the bottom panel on.

I wanted mine on the wall before I put the front panel on, so next I painted a fun shade of red.
And then I screwed this bad boy into place...

I thought I was saving myself some painting-clearly you wouldn't see the bottom once the front was on right? WRONG!

From there, I painted the front panel, red first, and then stenciled in the numbers. Sanded everything, roughed up the edges, and then added a layer of stain...

Nail the front panel into place and there you go!

The cutest little shoe organizer ever!
My girls have already laid claim to their cubbies and have started moving in...let's just hope they save room for the shoes!!!

So much fun! Thanks Krystal for the great theme, can't wait to see what you all enter into the linky party...
Happy Crafting.
 I'm linking this post to:
Visit thecsiproject.com
Knock Off Challenge!
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