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Thursday, June 30, 2011

T.G.I.F.-Thank GOODIES it's Friday Linky PaRtY!!!

Happy, happy Friday and happy 4th of July Weekend!!!
First-a HUGE thank you to all of you that emailed me about guest posting while I'm gone-you are SO wonderful to share your talents. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I've got a few days left if there's anyone out there willing to share, just drop me an email.
Let's start this week's party off with a BANG-here's a few of my favorites from last week's good times...

I am not ashamed to admit I want this. Not for my girls, but yes for me!
You can find all the fun little extras this dream Castle Loft Bed has to offer at
Stare If You Must

This had me laughing-out loud! And totally to myself, but I enjoyed it...

It is such a fun idea for a library bag,
 (cause asking your 3 yr old to carry the 12 books she had to have just isn't going to happen!)
and well, can you get any better wording? I think not!
Find the how-to over at

And one more in honor of this weekend...

Krystal has made some really fun holiday decor pieces this year
and shared all the tutorials on her blog.
This is one of my favorites, find it at Sassy Sanctuary.

If you got a shout out, grab a button if you want one-
(it's pretty cute, you should want one!)
Craft Goodies

Okay, let's get this party started!
No rules, just fun. Be nice to others and keep it friendly-that's all I ask.
Share whatcha got cause we want to see it...
By linking you allow me to feature your greatness at a later date giving all credit to you with a link back to your post of course.

Craft Goodies
Have fun, can't wait to see what you've been working on and...
Happy Crafting!!!

My Fourth of July Goodies...Done!!!

So it took a little longer than I thought-doesn't it always!
But I've got my BBQ favors and decor DONE!

Here's the breakdown...

The Martha Stewart rocket favors became these. When I went to the store to get the mints I ran across the little tootsie roll banks instead. You know, cardboard tube, plastic lid, chuck full of yummy-ness. They were on sale and well, being me my thought was "How fun would it be for each of the kiddos to get their own bank/rocket favor?" And in reality the cost was pretty much the same as buying enough candy to fill the other ones!
I just covered the bank with scrap paper, made a paper cone for the top, glued a dowel onto the side, and added a ribbon "fuse" to the bottom.
Super simple!

Up next, the lifesaver firecrackers became...

...only because the only rolled candy I could find were mints!
And really who wants to hear, "Glad you made it, here, have a roll of mints."
I used the long, skinny laffy taffy. Just folded it in half, tied a ribbon fuse at the bend, and the covered them in more paper.

My flag project was this little guy...

Loving it!
It's all scrap wood- a square of 1x4, 2 pieces of 2x4 (the ruffle is hiding the seam), and a fence post topper meant for another project that never materialized!
I painted, added some ribbon, drilled 5 holes and glued in the flags.

And the last part, my new not-so-little uncle...

 I wanted something fun by the front door to greet my guests, this guy fit the bill!
He's a total stiff-made from 1x12 inch pine, but I love him!

I'm thinking it's gonna to be a GREAT time!
See you back here tomorrow for T.G.I.F and if you're starting your holiday weekend early-be safe and ENJOY!!!

Happy Crafting.

Calling All Wanna-Be Guest Post-ers!!!

Hey all you fabulous friends out there. I'm putting out a call for help!
I'm taking my girls and escaping to Utah for a few weeks to visit family.
 (Insert BIG, HAPPY face here!)
I'm hoping you can help me out by wanting to share a post here on Craft Goodies while I'm gone.
I'm hitting the road on July 13th and will be back at the end of the month.

So your choices are share your fantastic-ness (YES, YES, YES!!!) or stare at a sad and lonely
"Be back in a few weeks"  for a long time!

Anything goes so long as it's friendly, fun, and fantastic!
 Recipes, sewing, DIY projects, make-overs, knock offs, it could even be a great tutorial you've already shared on your own blog!
If you're interested just drop me an email at wmgar@comcast.net
I'll post them on a first come, first posted basis for as long as I can get them!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More 4th of July Goodies...

I may be over doing it for this BBQ we're having on Monday, but honestly-I don't care! I'm having a great time getting ready for it.

I'm spending my time today making a few of these:

Rocket Party Favors
 by the one and only Miss Martha Stewart

...and a few of these:
Life Saver Fire Crackers

...working on a centerpiece involving these:
Leaning USA Flag

...and one last wood project with this guy:

Uncle Sam

I'll share when they're finished! What are you working on today?
Hope it's great-
Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easy (One Board) Flag Holiday Hanger!!!

Need a quick and easy Independence Day decoration?
Give this a try...

You need a 1x4x6 and some scrap cardboard.
A little bit of craft wire and some paint. That's it.

Cut the 1x4 into 4 pieces.
1 Header @ 12 inches long
2 small stripes @ 15 inches long each
1 long stripe @ 16.5 inches long

Paint the boards, header = blue,
small stripes = red,
long stripe = white

Drill holes into the stripes so they can be wired together.
 4 in the white stripe, one in each corner about half an inch in. 
2 in each of the red stripes, in the corners that match up with the holes drilled into the white stripe.

Thread a piece of wire through the holes, twist together, and then give a little curl to the ends.

Line up the header across the top of the stripe pieces.
Drill 3 holes along the bottom of the header and co-ordinating holes into the top center of each stripe.
Wire the header to the stripes.
Add two more holes across the top of the header to create a wire hanger. Wire pieces together.

Make your stars next.
Draw them out onto the cardboard then cut them out.
Separate the cardboard layers to create some texture.

Paint the stars, distress the edges if you'd like.
Glue the stars onto your flag.

Almost done!
 Add a few embellishments like ribbon, buttons, berries, or glitter.

(You could add some lettering like "Stars & Stripes", "Old Glory", "Bless the "USA" etc.)
Find a spot to display your work, and enjoy!

Happy (Independence Day) Crafting!

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Almost done...

Just editing a few quick pics and then today's post is coming!
While you're waiting on me, head on over to Under My Umbrella for a sneak peak at next week's
Wood You Like to Craft? inspiration piece.
It's totally "tweet"...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heading to the Beach...via the Country Chic Cottage!!!

Beach Bash
is kicking off today over at the
Country Chic Cottage.
From now until the 20th of July you'll be treated to a beach themed guest post EVERY DAY!!!
The fun part- the guests are all contestants from the first 3 seasons of One Month to Win It so you have to know the posts are gonna pretty much rock!
I'm up is this Saturday, July 2nd, hope you'll drop by and "HANG TEN"!
(Bad joke...)

Red, White & Blue Yummies!!!

We decided to host a 4th of July BBQ this year.
I love a great party, hopefully that's what it will be. My hubster is a master at the grill so that part is easy, it's the pretty, fluffy, in between stuff that I'm working on.
 I've been surfing around trying to find some fun goodies to try, just thought I'd share a few of what I've found that just may end up on my picnic table...
Watermelon is a give right? My kiddos would go crazy for these:
Banana Split with a Twist

Aren't these gorgeous! And 1/2 of the ingredients are healthy...
Picture of Cream Cheese and Pecan Stuffed Berries Recipe
Cream Cheese and Pecan Stuffed Berries
...that is my dream come true right there!

This one has my husband's vote...
Picture of Red, White, and Blue Trifle Recipe
Red, White, and Blue Trifle

Something a little lighter than ribs and hot dogs maybe...
Picture of Chicken Salad Sliders Recipe
Chicken Salad Sliders

...and you have to have potato salad, yes?
potato, salad, recipes, 4th, july, party, receipts

how about a Red, White, and Blue one?
..and last, some fun Patriotic Pops to beat the heat maybe?
Patriotic Pops

So what's on your Independence Day menu? I'd love to know!
Happy Crafting...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

T.G.I.F.-Thank GOODIES it's Friday Linky PaRtY!!!

(and I for one could not be happier-it's been a llll-oooo-nnnn-gggg week)
I have had so much fun checking out the last TWO TGIF parties-what an amazing bunch of ideas. THANKS to all of you that linked a project.
 I've added so many things to my "must try" lists, I love it!
So as promised, a few of my faves from two parties ago...
I have pre-school on my mind, as in trying to decide if I should send my soon to be 4 yr old somewhere else or teach again. So this really stuck out to me, that and it's just a FANTASTIC idea!
Letter/Number Sorting Game from milk caps...
You can find the details at
Too Much Time on My Hands
And then this just had my two magic words...
"Cherry Coke" Float Cupcakes
You can find a link to the recipe by visiting
Sitting at Our Kitchen Table
And then last week!!! What a great, and I mean GREAT party!
I have to say there were so many amazing Father's Day ideas shared. I used some, and pinned them all to use again later, they were that good! So if you shared one-YOU ROCK!!!
I'm working on sprucing up my back patio and yard so these next few ideas thrilled me as I had been contemplating similar thoughts, and now I have the kick in the pants I needed to get it finished!
Bamboo Placemat Rug

Jen at Domesticated Nomad
gave me the perfect answer to my need for an outdoor rug that can withstand the dog and the kids getting in and out of the pool. Super easy, inexpensive, and you can make it any size you want! Love that!
I want a firepit.
My girls want a firepit.
Susan from Homeroad shares exactly how to get one!
(hugs and kisses to you!!!!)
And one more dose of cuteness...we're heading to the beach next week.
We need these:
Get all the detes from Kyla of
Funky Polkadot Giraffe
(via a guest post on Tatertots & Jello cause she's cool like that! Seriously...)
If you got a shout out, grab a button if you want one-
(it's pretty cute, you should want one!)
Craft Goodies

Okay, let's get this party started!
No rules, just fun. Be nice to others and keep it friendly-that's all I ask.
Share whatcha got cause we want to see it...
By linking you allow me to feature your greatness at a later date giving all credit to you with a link back to your post of course.

Craft Goodies
Have fun, can't wait to see what you've been working on and...
Happy Crafting!!!

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