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Monday, March 11, 2013

Shepherd Pattern...

I've gotten a few requests for the coloring page I used to make my "Good Shepherd" project so here you go:

Color a Shepherd Coloring Page

I tweeked it a bit around the feet and did trace the face and cut it out seperately from 1/4 inch MDF. Other than that, I think you're good to go! OH! I did make it quite a bit bigger.
I cannot seem to find the exact sheep that I used to get my idea from, if you google "sheep clipart" you're sure to find one that speaks to you.
Happy Crafting.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Inspiration!!!

Life has again flown by and another month has come and gone. I find myself amazed at how quickly it seems to fly by but yet, it isn't going quite fast enough...I'm very anxiously awaiting May!
But here's a few ideas to get you going through the next few weeks. It's been a great week over at Wood You Like to Craft?
The theme this month is "A Christ Centered Easter" and the WYLTC ladies did an amazing job.
Check out these pictures and then jump on over to find out how they did each one cause I know you're going to want to make at least one of them...
Easter Advent Calendar by Sassy Sanctuary

Hinged Bunny Advent by Crafty Sisters
He is Risen Advent by Under My Umbrella
The Good Shepherd Advent by Craft Goodies
Pretty neat, huh? Go find the one you like and get your Easter off on a good note!
Happy Crafting...
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