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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Treats featuring...what I'm up to!

Sorry for the late post,
I've spent most of the day trying to recover from registering my little munchkin for kindergarten!
 UGH! Why do they have to grow up?
To make it worse, she lost her first two teeth too! Yeah, not just one but TWO.
The 2nd one fell out while she was changing into her jammas, amid the shock and awe we failed to finish putting on her jammas, hence the topless picture.
I also had to (finish) my post for Wood You Like to Craft? because it's that time again.
This month's project is being hosted by Candace and Nicole from
 Crafty Sisters...
Toolbox Planter
it's a GREAT beginner project if you're wanting to jump on board the WYLTC? band wagon.
 Coming up with a way to alter it was hard because I just really like it the way it is,
I'm a sucker for tulips!
You can see what I did tomorrow...
And speaking of those Crafty Sisters, they completely inspired my Easter baskets this year...

As I was putting these together, I think lightening seriously struck!
 How great would these be for a teacher appreciation/year end teacher gift? 
Okay, so not with the bunny, but how about with this...

...or maybe this...

These are actually my preschool diploma albums.
 (I'll share those with you too)
 But I'm thinking they would make some pretty cute baskets.
So that's where I'm at, working on putting the tutorial and patterns together...wish me luck, hopefully they'll be up tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!
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1 comment:

Whitney said...

So cute!! I really like those baskets! And how precious is your soon-to-be kindergardener!!? I didn't lose my first tooth until I was seven! She appears to be an over-achiever. lol.

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