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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Wendy did Wednesday...

A little Wednesday randomness for you...
...today was my preschool day.
We worked on the letter "T" and therefore talked about turtles.
We made "Turtle Soup" (a mixture of a turtles favorite bugs...flies and grub worms! Or cheerios and chocolate chips, much tastier.)
Sang the "Tiny Tim" song more than I can count.
And we made these...
If you need a quick kiddo project give this a try.
It was really easy and my pre-k's LOVED it!
You need: Styrofoam cups, paint, hot glue, and paper
I cut out a turtle body shape from green card stock and added eyes with a marker. Then we shrunk our cups to make a turtle shell. I found the directions for this HERE.
They loved this part-we ended up having our music time in front of the oven so they could watch the "magic" work!
The kids then painted the cups.
Once the cups were dry I glued them onto the paper bodies and we had a whole bunch of cute little turtles.
*If you check the link above you can also find where she used this same technique to create some really cute mini Easter Baskets*
So much fun!
I've also been working on the Easter/Spring decor a bit...
I made a fun 2x4 butterfly!
Using 2x4 and (get ready to be surprised...) a paint stick!
I swear the guys at Lowe's hide these when they see me coming.
I'm working on an Easter Egg...it is not small. but I do like it so far, I'll share it when it's done.

I tried making my own beaded eggs-not so much a success, the beads wouldn't stick!
Any ideas here?I tried mod podge, spray adhesives, and double stick tape.
I did get it to work with glitter and mod podge and my girls LOVE the sparkly eggs.

I've been working on some egg topiaries. So far I have one covered in little spring flowers and plans to wrap one in sisal rope and the third  in ruffles, I just haven't gotten that far yet!

I've been working on a guest post for Michelle at The Scrap Shoppe, want a peek?
It won't post until later in April, but I'll for sure let you know...

And last, just a few reminders...

The next project for Wood You Like to Craft? has been posted.

Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary is hosting in April. Wanna play along-the supply list is posted HERE but remember the idea is to take it and make it your own! I'm working on mine, I'd love to see what you come up with.

And last, if you've hung in here this far (THANKS!!!) just a reminder that today is the last day to vote for your favorite project at 1 Month 2 Win It! The top 3 will be announced Friday. The projects are really amazing, if you haven't yet, go check them out. And too, thanks for helping to keep me in it this far-it's been a blast!

I'm done, happy crafting!

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