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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Goodies!

Holy Cow! What a week-and we still have a few days to go! It's been a busy but fun one. Just wanted to share a few of the Halloween treats that appeared around our house this week...so much sweetness, so much fun!

A tray full of sugar cookie dough and pretzel sticks became a table full of "hairy" green spiders for preschool. These went together fast and easy. I used a basic sugar cookie dough, broke 4 pretzel sticks in half, stuck 4 on each side to make the legs and then baked as directed. Once they were cool, I piped green frosting onto the cookie and then dipped the entire thing in brown sprinkles. Added M&M's for eyes, and dot of white frosting and TA-DAH! Tasty, not-so-scary spiders!

 These little monsters were on the menu at our end of the season softball party. The idea comes from the amazing book, What's New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. It's the follow-up to their New York Times Bestseller Hello, Cupcake! They are both chock-full of so easy and seriously amazing cupcakes. If you are a home birthday/party baker you need these books. These cupcakes were a HUGE hit with the team-and their parents. {Get the books! You'll love them!}

Soccer snacks were up next! I purposely chose this week to do snacks because it is Halloween weekend and that made snacks way more fun!

I covered the front of their juice pouches with a silly little witch face made from paper and then made brooms out of brown paper lunch bags. I sent my girls out to collect sticks for broom handles-told them they had to work for their snacks. They helped me fill and tie the bags and we are ready for game day!

And last, a few treats for the neighbors. I wrapped paper pumpkins around orange soda cans left in a 6-pack. Tied on a fun ribbon {Yep, it's burlap! Go Wal-mart.} Then attached a note that said "Hope your Halloween is packed with fun! Happy Halloween from our patch to yours..."

Wow! It's been busy, but oh so fun. I love this time of year! Happy Halloween to you all, hope it's way more treat than trick!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Recycled Trick-or-Treat buckets

It's my week to teach preschool and we are having a party!!! I love little people and parties, and the fact that Halloween is this week only makes it better. But this little craft is serving a double purpose. We are also making these for FHE tonight. Our lesson is on gratitude (a very re-occurring theme at my house) and it is also teacher appreciation week so we're making a little something for our wonderful teachers.

Theses little tricksters are just up-cycled 2L soda bottles!
They are super sturdy and so long as you can tie a solid square knot, they hold a good amount of candy as well. Here's what you'll need to make one:
2L soda bottle
Hole Punch
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Felt or Fabric to cover bottle- a 9x15in piece is perfect for the bottle, you'll need a little
 more to cover the bottom
felt or fabric scraps to make faces
ribbon or fabric for handle
Any spooky accessories you want!

{I've also done these with the smaller 20oz bottles-super cute! Great for a neighbor or friend, in fact my daughter's soccer team are getting the smaller ones for snack on Saturday}

First, get yourself a tasty flavor of soda, and finish it off. Then rinse out the bottle.

With a pair of scissors, following the top of the label as a guide, cut off the spout portion of the bottle. Then remove the label.
{Hang on to the top, you'll need it soon}

Using your handy dandy hole punch, punch 2 holes, one on each side of the top of the bottle, about 1/2-1" down. These are the guides for your handle so be sure they are directly opposite of one another, and equally spaced apart.

Lay your felt/fabric out in front of you. Place the bottle on it so that you have an inch of fabric above the top of the bottle. Run a length of hot glue down the short edge of the fabric and attach it to the bottle.

Keeping the bottle centered, roll up the bottle in your fabric.

Run another length of glue and seal the fabric onto the bottle. You should now have a fabric covered 2L soda bottle! Sit the bottle up right so that the bottom is facing you...

Using the hot glue gun, fold down the fabric and glue in place. I like to work my way around the bottle so that my edges tuck under each other. It helps it to stand upright better.

Grab the bottle top that you saved and a scrap of matching fabric. Using the top as your guide, trace and cut out a circle. Glue the circle piece onto the bottom of the bottle to cover up all your folds.

Turn the bottle up right, and re-punch your handle holes going through the fabric.

Fold the fabric over the edge of the bottle and glue down. Be sure not to cover up your handle holes!

Run the ribbon/fabric through the guide holes. Play with the length of your ribbon before you cut it!!! Your little ghoul doesn't want a handle that reaches the ground or one that's too small to comfortably carry.

Once you've determined the length of the handle cut it and tie it together. I usually tie a couple of knots just to be safe...

Using your scraps of felt/fabric accessories create a face. It's like carving a pumpkin without the goo! Anything goes, spooky, silly, scary. If you can cut it, he can wear it. Once you've gotten your pieces cut out, glue it all in place.

Ta-Dah! Bring on the candy, you did it!
The best part of this is you can make your bottle into anything. Get creative and have fun. For the ghost and mummy I used already green bottles.  Torn strips of muslin wrapped and tied together for the mummy, and I only glued down the top of the fabric for my ghost. One year I made one of these for all 10 of my preschoolers to match their Halloween costumes! I had a spider, a mermaid, a fireman, a ballerina, a princess, a pumpkin...the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

T-shirt to Shrug

Did you happen to catch this tutorial from Brassy Apple a while back on U-Create? I absolutely fell in love with it and immediately started searching for the perfect t-shirt to cut apart. My girls are super big into the graphic tees theses days so I was having a hard time finding one I was willing to sacrifice, until today that is!

The school 3 of my girls attend sent home very cute school t-shirts a few weeks ago. The only problem was that the smallest size they had was a 6-8, my 4 yr old swims in a 4T! My first thought was to turn it into a dress, needless to say, life happened and that didn't. Today was her field trip to the pumpkin  patch and they were supposed to wear these shirts. I put it on her and looked at her drowning in knit and remembered this fantastic tutorial!

Because it is her "school shirt" I didn't want to cut it completely apart. Instead, I cut it across the back just below the bottom of her rib cage{didn't want to cut off any of those generous sponsors!}, still made the tails in front, but only cut them half way up the front so I could tie them in a knot.

 It was still short enough to wear as a shrug over a tank top, and still left the name of the school in tact. The fabric rolls back on itself so there is NO SEWING. And, she is no longer looking like she wore her nightgown to school.  

 My little "Pumpkins" were adorable in there matching hair roses made from the extra fabric. I cut various sized circles, stacked them on top of each other biggest to smallest and stitched them together adding a button on top. I glued two onto aligator clips. Stitched the third onto and elastic band.                                                                      

Awesome tutorial, amazing idea! Really quick and easy-we got so many compliments on it and how cute it was. So go, find a t-shirt and start cutting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Village {So Cute!}

I found myself with a few free moments today, something of a rarity this week and stumbled across this! Is that not just one of the cutest things ever? And so not-scary, my 3 yr old saw it and just squealed with delight.
I actually bought all of this paper/chipboard {because it was so cute} a while ago not knowing exactly what I was going to use it for. Well I do now! This is definitely going on my list of things to do this weekend. You can find this and all the how to's over at Crafty Sisters.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Word...of the Month! {November Preview!}

Happy Friday everyone! Hope it's been a good week for you all. I'm SUPER excited to introduce to you the first of November's Word...of the Month letter sets. This set is all about the beautiful colors and wonderful goodies that come from autumn.

 Say hello to November's "HARVEST"...
This letter set is cut from 1" pine, the scarecrow from 3/4" MDF. The pieces vary in size from 4-8.5 inches tall and the set reaches 23 inches long if sat side by side. This set is available at my Etsy Store as an unfinished  set (includes instructions/pattern to finish scarecrow) or as a finished set.
You will also find this little guy and his harvest available for purchase as well, finished or not it's your choice.

Check back in tomorrow for the second of November's Word...of the Month sets! We'll see you then!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Subway Art

   If you've jumped into blogger-wonderland lately you're sure to have noticed all the fun subway art projects out there. I love all the holiday ones that are out there, and have plans to make a few of those as well, but first wanted something I could display all the time. 

   I've had an 18x24 inch canvas sitting in my "TO FINISH" pile for quite sometime and decided to finally put it to use. I wanted a bit of a textured-look to the background so I used a stain. Minwax in mahogany to be exact, and I just wiped straight down the canvas.

While that was drying I set to work making  the list of words I wanted to use. I thought I had a really good, long list until I ran out of words and still had about 1/3 of the canvas still to cover. So my advice is list way more words than you think you will ever use!

I cut the words from vinyl on my Cricut. I just played with the sizing, fonts and placement. The words I wanted to really stand out are bigger, longer phrases are smaller, our names are the only words in blue, etc.

In the end I am really happy with how it turned out. My girls think it is "super cool" too. The only down fall was it took a really, really long time. So if you are looking to make one yourself, let me help you out. Here is the list of words/phrases that I used on my project:
Our Last Name
est. 1996 (year we were married)
mine and my hubby's name
each of my daughter's names
you & me
one of a kind
and LOVE!

 I tried to think of words that applied to my specifically to my family and then to a family in general. Quite sure I missed a few good ones but hopefully this can help you get your project going! Have fun! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Weekend!

Oh it was such a great weekend! So many things accomplished and the good part...they were a lot of fun, and I am loving everyone of them.

First, YEAH!!! The hubby and the good camera made it back home so here are a few pics of the Halloween Board I posted on Friday. The tutorial is a few posts down. Again this was a super fast and easy project and it looks awesome on my mantle.  Go ahead and makeone for yourself-you're going to love it too!

 This little guy came about from a dinner joke. You know when your kids get to the age they find their sense of humor and everything can be made into a joke? And everything is made into a joke, 99% of which are NOT funny...we are there, again.
We were eating dinner Saturday night getting our nightly dose of humor when my 6 yr old shared this one:

Who's there?
Owl who?
Owl see you soon!

Her delivery was so great I had to find a way to remember it. I re-worded her joke just a bit and then put it on canvas. 

I painted the background and tree with spray paint! (I made a stencil for my tree) The lettering I did with stickers, sealed it with a layer or two of Modge Podge, and then crafted my little owl friend from felt. Needless to say, my 6 yr old is so proud!

And here they are together, keeping an eye on us from up on the mantle. So much Halloween fun in one spot.

Did I mention it was a good weekend?
And still one more completed project to share.

Look for it tomorrow...here's a heads up. I jumped on the subway art trend wagon, family syle!

Monday, October 11, 2010

And the Winner is...

In good award show fashion I'm going to drag this out of a minute or two...

   First to say thank you! What a fun and exciting first week. You're response was more than I hoped and your comments made me smile. This was SO much fun, keep checking in as I'm going to be doing this again, soon. {I have BIG plans for November! I am giggly with excitement to share!}

   And second, because your comments made me so happy, I decided I needed to give away a set of "Boo" letters as well. So Happy Monday to you all! And now the envelope please....
Congrats go out to NICOLE! She wrote:

"I love all the colors of the leaves in fall and I love playing in them with my son as well"
Nicole will receive the Spooky letter set!

And walking away with the BOO set is...NANCY! Nancy wrote:

"I love getting ready for Christmas. . . and remembering back when I was a kid - - when Fall meant the Aspen leaves changing colors, crisp mornings, the first snow, hot cocoa. Now, living in Gilbert, AZ, I LOVE when we can finally say goodbye to the 100 degree weather (hopefully - - just happened this week!), and then hear my kids comment how cold it is. (at 85 degrees!) "

As first timers in a "Southern Fall" we are just experiencing this ourselves. I never thought I'd think 85 degrees was cold either, I've been proven wrong!

I LOVE the fall for one big reason...the entire season means FAMILY to me. Everything about it is better when you're surrounded by your loved ones!

Congratulations again to both Nicole and Nancy, and thank you again to all of you! Check in later today to see what happened this weekend and remember the newest Word...of the Month kits come out on Friday!
Make it a good one!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Witches & Spiders & Bats...OH MY!

  First. let me say yes, I know they are cruddy pictures and trust me they look better smaller. Which makes me sad because I really am excited about how this turned out. My hubby is out of town with the good camera until Sunday. So until he returns, these will have to do...you may just have to use your imagination a bit. 

 And can I just say that I really do love it! I have sat and smiled at it all afternoon. Some days I make me happy, today is one of those days...

   I feel we should all share in this happiness, you need to make one of these this weekend! It was really easy and really quite fast, no more than a couple of hours tops. {And that was working around dropping off my kiddos at school and my volunteer assignment}.
   My board is 17 1/2 inches wide by 22 3/4 inches tall cut from 1/4 inch MDF. Funky size but I figured it based off of the size of squares I wanted and the space between them. Get those boys at Lowe's/Home Depot to cut one for you if needed. Or this would work on an 18x24 inch canvas, you'd just need to adjust the spacing of your squares. I also used my Cricut for my lettering {STAMPED Cartridge, set to shorty at
1 3/4" for "witches & spiders & bats..."and at 2 1/4" for OH MY!}

   Here are the rest of the things you would need:
Black Paint (I used Krylon Spray paint)
12 different Halloween/Fall Imaged papers
black ink pad
scissors or paper cutter
Modge Podge and a brush
stickers, chipboard, or vinyl letters

Now that you've got your supplies, let's get to work...
First, you need to paint your board/canvas. Set it aside to dry.

While your paint dries, cut your paper into 5x5 squares. You need 12 squares total. Ink the edges of all 12 squares.

Next lay your papers out onto your board to find the pattern you like best and the spacing. I wanted a bigger boarder around the edges of mine so I came in 1 inch on all edges and then spaced my squares 1/4" apart.

Once you have your pattern and spacing figured out, use the modge podge to attach your squares.Use your ruler to check spacing with each new square.

It should look like this once you have all your squares glued down.
 Apply another coat of Modge Podge over the entire piece. {check for bubbles as you go!}

Last, apply your lettering. {The Modge Podge will work as a glue if your using chipboard, otherwise wait until it is completely dry before attaching stickers or vinyl}
Go over your lettering one more time with the Modge Podge or hit it with a spray sealer to secure everything in place. Let it finish drying then put this baby up on display!

Have A Great Weekend!
 Thank you for a fantastic week here at Craft Goodies,
 now go and make yourself something ...Well Good!!!

New Ideas Are Coming...SOON!

I've had  a Halloween  project on my mind for a while now and just haven't quite figured it out. I woke up this morning knowing exactly what I wanted! Love it when that happens- I'm going to finish it up today and will post as soon as I'm done. Let's hope it comes out like I'm seeing it in my head!

And just a quick note...THANK YOU for all of your fun comments on my giveaway post. I am finding myself laughing at some because of memories they trigger and crying at others for the same reasons! {I'm a crier, can't make it through a jewelry commercial and don't get me started on the Hallmark ones!}

Keep them coming, only a few more days until we get ourselves a winner!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ready, Set, BOO!

 Has it started in your neighborhood yet? Well then, get to it!
I'm talking of course about the art of "Boo-ing". Not familiar with this by chance? OH! Let me explain...

 "Booing" our neighbors is one of my families favorite Halloween traditions. It is one of two times during the year when doorbell ditching is allowed, in fact it's encouraged! Boo-ing is similar in nature to a Secret Santa at Christmas. The idea being you drop off a sweet treat and a poem to a neighbor's doorstep, KNOCK and RUN, all in the name of Halloween fun. The poem encourages the recipient to pass on the activity the following night to two new neighbors and it just keeps growing and growing  until your entire street and neighborhood has been struck by the
 "Halloween Spirit".

My girls and I are starting our adventure tonight. As we live in a fairly large neighborhood, we have chosen 3 families to visit. I found the most fantastic little treasure at Wal-mart ($3 each in the Halloween candy section), re-decorated the labels, and made copies of the Booing Poem we like to use. Now we just have to wait for dark...

Here is the poem we use, feel free to copy and paste. I wrote it and have no problems with sharing...

You’ve just been Boo-ed! by a Halloween Friend. Please don’t let the fun come to an end.
Your task is quite simple, the rewards will be sweet. Make two copies of all, pair them up with a treat.
Come tomorrow night, to an un-Boo-ed  house go, lay down your treasures on the doorstep just so.
Get ready to run, there’s just one thing more, ring the bell or knock loudly upon the door. 
Then hide yourself up, and watch from away, you’ve just Boo-ed your friend and brightened his day!
Now back to your home the last step to make, you’re little Boo, his place needs to take.
On the front door, or a window is good, he’ll ward off the bad, bring only the good!
Keep the fun going until Halloween day, when Boo joins his friends for an evening of play!
Happy Halloween!!!

You will also need a picture of a ghost to accompany your treat and poem. I just draw one, makes it quick and easy. But I did find several online, just find one to your liking.

 I found a few other poems on-line just in case your feeling the Boo-ing spirit and want to start this fun little game on your own street.

Option #1  Super Cute poem and treat from Skip to My  Lou, poem is download-able
Option #2 Lots of images to choose from and they have a poem as well.
Option #3 This one is set up by Hershey's, totally pushes their chocolate {is that a bad thing?}but has 2 fun choices.

Here's hoping the spirit of Halloween finds you and yours. And maybe leaves you a sweet little something to remember him by. Have fun!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grand Opening Giveaway!!! {CLOSED}

   In celebration of opening up my own Etsy Store and as a way to introduce my new monthly line of wooden letter sets, I'm giving one set away!

Just a little bit of spook and spice to make Halloween nice! This set is ready to go, it only needs a home to haunt. Want it to be yours? Here's all you need to do:
         1.  Become a follower of this blog 
     2. Leave a comment sharing why you LOVE fall with a way to contact you

That's it! The winner will be announced on Monday, October 11. "Ghoul"-ed Luck to you all!
If you just can't wait until then, head on over to my store to find out how to purchase a kit of your own. 

...and introducing...

Word...of the Month Kits
   The "Word...of the Month" kits will be wooden letter sets themed according to each month of the year. Each month will have two words to choose from. The next month's designs {November for example} will become available on the 15th of the previous month {October} . All pieces will be cut from 3/4" MDF and fonts and sizing will vary. They will be available as finished or unfinished kits.

2. Spooky

*check them out here!

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