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Monday, March 14, 2011

Wood You Like to Craft? Craft Goodies style!

I'm linking up my pillows from this post here:

Visit thecsiproject.com
You'll have to scroll down a bit but, just fyi...
I made them from canvas. Love this stuff!
Used vinyl stencils and (spray paint) for the design.
And last added a little ribbon love.
Guess what? My pillows made the top ten!!!
Visit thecsiproject.com
Happy{almost} Tuesday all!
I'm loving the Spring Break life-still in my jammies and oh so happy about it.
Just wanted to put a little bug in your ear about our blogger craft club aka Wood You Like to Craft?
The first project series was launched last week over at Under My Umbrella,
{I'm sharing my guest  post here in case you  didn't get a chance to see it}.
Also wanted to let you know if you did participate the linky party is open throughout the week,
be sure to link! We will highlight our favorite projects on Sunday
{you'll get a super cool button to display on your blog}
 and the top pick wins a prize donated by next month's hostess.
{Krystal of Sassy Sanctuary}
See you there...
I'm just going to start by saying, "This was SO much fun! And you all need to play along!

Being given a place to start + the instructions to add a piece of you to the project = a good time!!!"
Okay, now that that's out of the way I'll say Hello to you all.
Melinda did an amazing job with this first project and had the idea not been to re-create it, I may well have just copied it! But I did run into a small glitch...

The subdivision I live in places the house numbers on these big stones. They are then found on either the mailbox, or the house front. Mine of course is on the house front.
Therefore, no house number needed.
 But I did want something to display it outside, so what to do?
I walked outside and sat staring at my front porch waiting for a light bulb moment...
...and it came. My old, lonely bench needed a friend!


Here's how I changed things up...

1. I LOVED the shape of Melinda's so I kept it, just stretched  it out to a rectangle and went LARGE!
My piece is 22 x 27 from point to point.
2. I needed the piece to match the look of my bench...{old.}
 So I hand painted the border and then used a stencil to create the filigrees. Then I sanded like a crazy woman to make it look like it had been there for a while.

3. I built a flower box to go in the center of the piece instead of the castine. And added a happy little "Welcome" to it as well. Then everything got a good coat of sealer-just in case!

With the flowers added in...

Just for fun, I threw in some pillows for the bench, one with our family's initial, a red one for a splash of color, and one with my house number...I couldn't help it. I loved the idea of it on Melinda's piece and needed to get it into mine somehow.
So there you go, one slightly altered project from a great inspirational piece,
and one very happy front porch!

Thanks Melinda-
for continuing to be amazing.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what else has been created and I can't wait for the next project.
Happy Crafting!


Adelina Priddis said...

I love your take on the project!!! I may have to do this when I get the time!

Sue@creativetryals.blogspot.com said...

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! I love everything!!!

Juliana @ My Sweet Shack said...

This is sooo cute! Wonderful job!

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