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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cafe Rio Knock off Recipes...Monday Munchies!

One of my favorite things about going back home for a visit is getting to go to Cafe Rio.
If you've never been, my tummy hurts for you. And if you have or live in a place where there is one close by, I want to be you!
I can only describe it as a fantastic little piece of heaven on a plate...YUM!
The hubby was out of town again so I thought I'd be nice and make a super tasty "Welcome Home " dinner for him, I impressed myself...and him. Not by my cooking skills, but by the awesomeness of these recipes.
This amazing gal has the ENTIRE MEAL broken down! The Sweet Pork, the beans,
 the (OH! SO GOOD!) Cilantro Lime Rice, and the dressing.
And while time consuming (and totally worth every minute) they are really easy to follow.
My super picky hubster couldn't believe that I had figured out the recipe, I totally accepted the compliment and then told him the truth...
Go taste a bit of heaven here:
Family Favorite Recipes
Happy Munching!

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