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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Treats featuring...Baby Bizzles!

I'm so excited to get to share with you another Craft Goodies friend!
Meet Mindi from Baby Bizzles. She has a super creative mind when it comes to making those little munchkins too cute for words and is going to share one of her secrets with us today...

Hi, this is Mindi from Baby Bizzles. I'm excited to be writing a guest post for Wendy today. I love to craft and sew, mostly specializing in baby accessories. Today I will be doing a tutorial on these adorable silk flower headbands...
I use 100% polyester fabric. Only 1/4 yard will make several flowers. Cut a circle approximately 3 inches across. Cut three more circles, each one a little smaller than the previous circle, with the smallest circle being approximately 1.5 inches across. (as you can see, your circles don't need to be perfect!)

Cut small slits in each circle. I cut 6 slits in the largest circle, 5 in the 2nd, and 4 slits in the two smaller circles.

Take one circle at a time and hold the edge close to a flame. Don't touch the flame, but slowly turn it as you watch the edges curl up a little. Be careful not to hold it too close for too long. If the petal curls down instead of up, just mold it the right way, being careful because the edge will be pretty hot.

Repeat this step on all four circles.

Take your hot glue gun and glue the circles together. Start with gluing the 2nd largest onto the largest. Place several dots of glue or a few small lines. Repeat with 3rd circle and finally the smallest circle. Glue some rhinestones in the center. You could instead hand sew the circles together with a bead or pearl in the center if you prefer.

Glue a small circle of felt or flannel to the back side of your flower. Take a hairclip with another piece of felt or flannel placed in it and glue that on your 1st circle of felt, attaching the hairclip to the flower.

You now have a removable flower hairclip that you can interchange on any headband, or place in the hair when your little girl gets older.

Your beautiful finished product!

Thank you for crafting with me today! And thank you Wendy for letting me share! You can check out variations of this on my website, as well as many other baby accessories, at http://www.blogger.com/www.babybizzles.com

I've made a ja-gillion fabric flowers but have yet to try this version. I'm seriously excited to give it a try-
thanks Mindi for a super tutorial.
Happy Crafting!

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