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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Treats featuring...Measured by the Heart & Easter Printables!!!

Hi everyone *waves* I’m excited to be here at Craft Goodies.  Isn’t Wendy the greatest!!
Let me introduce myself.

My name is Connie and I blog over at Measured by the Heart.  My blog is a big jumble of everything because well, isn’t that life.  I do some furniture make overs, hair tutorials, blog design, crochet patterns and book club.
Wait, did you just say book club on your crafty mommie blog?
Why yes, yes I did.  Thanks for asking.  I host a monthly book club on my blog and I am so super excited about April’s book club selection!!  I would love it if you would come over and check it out.   Even if you don’t participate in book club, you have to read this book.  Yes, I love it that much and so will you!!
For all you Craft Goodies readers I made some Easter Printables.
easter printable 4easter printable 3easter printable 2easter printable 1
easter printable
Click on each picture to download a high quality print!!     
{Once the website opens, hover over the picture and then you can click file-download}
These would be super cute framed in a row down a hallway or up the stairs.  Even way cute as a four square above a desk.  So many possibilities!!
It’s been great spending time with you guys today.  I hope you’ll stop by my blog and take a look around!! 
A BIG thanks to Wendy for being such an awesome chicky!!
{get it Easter theme hehe}

Connie is awesome!
 I'm so glad I've gotten to know her a bit better. She has a fun blog with lots of great "mommy" ideas, and she gets bonus points for having all girls too!
I'm excited to be a part of her book club, (more excuses to read a good book!) If you're interested in participating there is a permenant link to the club on my sidebar.
Go check her out, be sure to say Hi!
And thank her for these SUPER CUTE printables, I'm off to Walgreen's to print mine...
Thanks Connie!!!

Happy Crafting!

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