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Thursday, April 7, 2011

2x4 Basket Tutorial


Everyone needs a sweet basket filled with Spring treasures!
Grab a few supplies and you can make your own.

Here's what you'll need:

2x4 block cut to 3 inches tall
standard paint stick
brown cardstock
brown ink
sisal rope
Embellishments/Basket Filler

Standard Supplies:
Sand paper
Glue Gun
Mod Podge

Sand the edges smooth on the block.
 Cut the paint stick to 4 inches-I just used my scissors, but  cut slowly.
If you plan on adding flowers, drill a few holes into the block to anchor the stems.

Use the mod podge to paper cover the paint stick.
 Cut the remaining card stock into strips, 1/2 inch wide, running the length of the paper.
Once dry, distress edges on paint stick as well as each strip.
Make your paper mat...

Start by gluing 2 strips together forming an "L" shape.
Glue additional strips onto the horizontal piece, alternating front and back...

Weave the remaining strips into the mat alternating rows of "over, under, over, under..."

Secure all the ends into place with glue and then glue the mat onto the block.

Trim away the excess paper and glue the ends down.
Glue the paint stick onto the block.

Glue the end of the rope into place behind the lip of the basket topper...

Repeat on other side...
(I doubled the rope on both of my wood baskets but kept it single on the gift bag I made)

Add your fillers, grass, eggs, flowers, etc. and your basket is finished!

Here's a  peak at the gift bags I made using this tutorial and the chick one as well...
(the chick will post later today)

Happy Crafting!


Kelly @livingcraftilyeverafter said...

SO cute!!! LOVE this! I have some 2x4s sitting in my garage right now... may just have to make one of these this weekend! :)


Unknown said...


Maria Matter said...

Thanks for another fun project tut! this is brilliant!

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