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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OMTWI Final Project...Power Hour!!!

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Well, it's over. So much fun, but so much work! But SO totally worth it.
I learned a lot, laughed a lot, and was so impressed and inspired by the other ladies in this contest. I've added a bunch of their projects to my list of must-haves.
And, cherry on top moment-I finished in 2nd!
So here's my last project  for the Season 1 finals of One Month to Win It!
The theme was "Power Hour" meaning our projects had to be done start to finish in an hour.
I  have to tell you, this was the hardest one for me-it took 4 projects before I found one that would  fit in an hour time frame.
But all was well, as this one ended up my favorite!
 I got all the slat boards at a construction site near my home. Hurray for re-proposing!!!
They were the lot markers that had been pulled once the lots were sold and the nice man at the toss pile couldn't give me enough of them...seriously, I think he was trying to put the entire pile in my van!
But then, one shouldn't complain when things are free!

Anyway, here you go my Slat Board Flower box...
(the how-to's follow the original post)

 Stop watch...ready.
safely locked inside the house with instructions NOT to open the door unless someone is bleeding or on fire. Me...
quietly repeating "you can do this, you can do this, you can do this...an hour is plenty of time..."  
Ready, set, (say a little prayer) GO!

15 minutes in...we have a flower box! 20 minutes in...stencils applied and ready for paint! 37 minutes gone by and we are painted, sanded,and stained.
(Children open door-being the good mom I am, I tell them I will be there in precisely 23 minutes!)
Line the planter, fill the planter, add the flowers, check the stop watch.....
48 minutes!!!!
47 min.and 56 sec. to be exact.
WA-HOO!!! I did it, I did it!
 (insert very happy dance here, ignore on-looking neighbors)

One Wood Slat Flower Box done, start to finish in under an hour.
One completely relieved and happy crafter...ready for a nap!

**editor's note: No children were hurt or in danger during the making of this project. Their father was also locked safely inside, and they did in fact only open the door to let me know that they weren't bleeding or on fire...aren't they sweet?
Okay, here's my supply list:
*Let me know if you have questions, I didn't think to take pictures...
7 wood slat boards, cut into 14, 18" pieces
  1x6 board cut into two 6x8 inch blocks, and one 18" long board
nails and a hammer
spray paint
sand paper
(I cut mine from vinyl with my Cri-Cut)
plastic garbage bag
chunky mulch

I used the 6x8 inch blocks as the box ends, (the 8 inch side for the length and the 6 inch side for the height) and the 18 inch board as the bottom of the box. Then 5 slats made up the front and 5 slats on the back sides of the box.
The four remaining slats were used as the legs.
*there is about a 1 inch gap on each side of the bottom of the box for drainage.

Lay out your stencils and paint away!
Then distress as you please...

Line the inside of the box with the garbage bag, cut down to fit the box.
Staple the lining into place.
Add a few slits into the bottom of the lining for drainage.
Fill the bottom third of the box with mulch and then top with soil.
Add in your flowers, step back and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!


Sylvia N. said...

Way to go, Wendy! This is very cute and do-able. As soon as the weather is nice, my Cri-cut and vynil are gonna go to stencilin' town!

Unknown said...

Oh this I LOVE!

This is so right up my ally.

I would love to link this post to my blog?
contact me ;)


Screaming Sardine said...

Congrats on placing second! Love your "power hour" project! So cool it can be done so quickly, yet it's so cute. :)

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