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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Threads and Thrills...Rolled Rosette Pillow

*** 9/09/2012 I just received a comment on this post that I can't decide if they were joking or not. It was kind of mean, but either way, they asked that I let you know that this project isn't quick. It took me several hours to complete one pillow so if you need to have this done in an hour here you go...it's not going to happen, sorry. But then too, I did mention that in this post. I removed the comment, it makes me sad, hopefully your pillow will make you happy!***

I've been pining for pillows lately, today I finally got around to making a few. I am elated and tickled pink with them, so much so, I feel the need to share the story of their creation...

In my efforts to come up with a few examples for my Valentine exchange, I found myself at my local Goodwill. I gathered a few fantastic treasures and headed to the register to pay. Then an odd and super terrific thing happened...
The cashier wrapped all of the glass items I purchased in white t-shirts!
What? Seriously? So much better than old newspaper! 

I got home, unwrapped everything, and sat staring at a pile of white t-shirts. I felt super guilty at the thought of tossing them, but what to do?
Then the light bulb started glowing. I ran across a beautiful pillow last week that was covered in crocheted flowers-I wanted one badly.
Two problems though, one the pillow was $70 and  two, I don't crochet.
I thought I had solved the problem by resolving to make the flowers from ribbon, would have worked but would require A LOT of ribbon. So what if I cut up the t-shirts instead?
Thank you Goodwill lady!

 I tore the t-shirts into long strips about 1 1/2 inches wide. The nice part was because I tore instead of cut, the edges rolled on their own, saving me a ton of time.
I gave the strips a bath in a mix of warm water and baby blue paint.
{I knew this would last due to the countless #of shirts I've ruined while painting}

 I rinsed the strips out, gave them a twist to remove the water and threw them into the dryer.
Then I started rolling, and rolling, and then rolling a little more. Once I had the flowers rolled and stuck together, I sewed them onto a pillow square.
And ta-da...
...my baby was finished!
Just in case you're wondering, I used approx. 60 rosettes per side for 3 pillows, and I used 12" pillow forms.
The ironic part, I was trying desperately to finish these to enter them in a contest. They took a bit longer
(like several hours...) than I thought they would, and I missed the link!
But that's okay cause these babies rock!
And thanks to the awesome Goodwill  lady, only cost me the price of the pillow forms...

Happy Crafting!

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