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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rabbit Romp Easter Basket Exchange!!!

Oh, yes!  It's that time again!!!
Time for another holiday gift exchange here at Craft Goodies, and I could not be more excited!
I LOVE hosting exchanges.
I  LOVE that you join me in my crazy fun.
And I LOVE to see how amazingly creative you all are-it just makes me so happy!!!
So ladies, (and gents if any) I officially invite you to join me in my
Rabbit Romp! Easter Basket Exchange!

Craft Goodies

Why a rabbit?
Polka Dot Basket with Bunny
 Because you can't have Easter without the bunny!
Why a basket?
Wire Baskets
Because bunny's and baskets go together like peanut butter and jelly!
So what do you get to do?
 Put together a basket full of goodies that you can send to a friend. It can contain candy, a handmade treasure, your favorite things, her favorite things, anything you'd like to send her way BUT...(here's the catch) it has to contain a RABBIT somewhere!
Bunny Basket
It could be on a card, the basket could be a rabbit, include a chocolate one, create a masterpiece with the letters R-A-B-B-I-T, sew a cute little hopper...
you get the idea?
So let's play!
 Here's the exchange 411...

·         If you commit to participate in this exchange, you will need to make one Easter Basket for a new friend and have it post marked by April 18, 2011. In return, you will receive one Easter Basket from a fellow new friend in the mail sometime around Easter!.
{You DO NOT need a blog to participate just an email address!}
·          Email me at { wmgar@comcast.net } to officially sign up. Sign ups will be open until
April 14, 2011.
I will then email you a short participant's questionnaire to fill out and return to me.
·          I will personally email you with your "Rabbit Romp Exchange Partner's" mailing address, email address, and questionnaire info as soon as I have a partner  for you!
·         Create a basket for your assigned partner..
·         Have your gift post marked no later than April18, 2011. It is very important that you have your gift post marked by April 18th. If you can get your handmade gift in the mail earlier, that's even better! 
·         There is no skill level required. A handmade gift is always wonderful, no matter how technical it is! The fun is in making a new friend.  
·         There is no price minimum on the handmade gift. Please limit your spending to no more than $20. Shipping charges are up to the sender-flat rate boxes are a great way to go! 
·         I have no way of patrolling every one's participation....but usually, people are honest and do their part. I will send out email reminders. And with this exchange, you will have your partner's info so you can help remind them as needed ;o)
If you wish to play{come on! you know you want to} just drop me an email and you're in! You can also add the exchange button to your blog so others know how fun and completely awesome you are!
Craft Goodies

 Let's get these rabbits romping!


Lark (SparkyLarky) said...

Oh I have always wanted to do this.

I am send you an email right now! :)


HIPPITY, HOPPITY, I am on my way!

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I've had my e-mail/comment dropped! Can I blog about this by C&Ping to Mommy Does...?
Linking to you of course!

Prairie Patch said...

Emailed you. Sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait!

Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary said...

Sounds like fun! I can not wait!

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