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Friday, December 10, 2010

Reindeer Upgrade and a Sleigh!

This is what happens when the project that I want to do becomes the project I'm going to do until the first project is do-able...
I totally "pimped" my reindeer!

I took my 2x4 reindeer and gave him a body, legs, a girl-friend, and a ride! Yeah, I'm telling you, today I impressed myself with this one.

Want details? Here you go:

2x4 block cut to 3.5 x 3.5 inches {head}
2 2x4 blocks cut to 3.5 x 1.5 inches {hooves}
1" diameter dowel cut into two 6 inch lengths {legs}
2x6* block cut to 5 x 7 inches {body}
I used a leftover piece of paint stick for the nose piece about 2" long

*I actually used the 2x10 board that I bought for the sleigh and just split it in half,
hence 2 reindeer instead of 1!
1. Paint and sand the edges of each block.
2. Drill placement holes into body and feet, holes for antlers into head.
I used a 1/2" bit for the antlers, and a 1" boring bit for the dowels.
I drilled completely through the feet and about an inch and a half into the body.

3. Assemble the body. Glue dowels into place and let completely dry.

*Be sure to check that your reindeer is level before and after adding the glue!

4. While the body is drying finish the heads.
*I cut out an extra ear piece to use for a tail.

5. Glue on the tail and head pieces. If you wish, the wood is thick enough
 to use a screw or two. Just be sure to pre-drill pilot holes.

Add a fun collar and other embellishments and your reindeer is good to go!

To make the sleigh I cut down a 2x10 inch piece of  wood with my band saw.
2x4 block cut to 8 inches long
and 1" diameter dowel cut to two 3" lengths

I originally kept this really square to match the shape of the deer. Still an option if you only have a miter or jig saw. This piece of wood is to thick for a scroll saw-you'll kill your blade and it will take forever to cut!

Follow the same basic instructions for the sleigh as you did for the deer.
Paint and sand.
Drill placement holes-be sure they are in the same place on the sleigh and runner piece.
Assemble with a little glue.
Add your embellishments and your done!
*I ran a length of ribbon from the front of the sleigh to each of the deer collars to connect the pieces.

Have fun and Happy Crafting!

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Lyndsey said...

I am freaking out!! These are so dang cute .. I am so taking a trip to lowes for some wood tonight!! SO CUTE!!!

Stef said...

These are stinkin cute! You are so talented!! You havn't missed one little detail!! Love them!

Anonymous said...

I am in love!!! these are to die for!!!!

Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me said...

i heart you for pimping out your raindeer! Those are awesomeness!

seven thirty three said...

You amaze me with your 2x4 power! This is too cute and I would love to display this on my mantle!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I saw these on I {heart} naptime, and I thought they must be yours! They are so cute! What a great job!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

They are so cute!!! Visiting from I Heart Naptime

MaryBerry Boutique said...

i just made the heads a few days ago and now i want the bodys and sleigh! so cute!:) dont you just love when you come up with great ideas?! so dang cute! youre awesome!

Spencersmom said...

Oh my gosh I about screamed when I saw this! It's not too late to make them and I'm on it this weekend! You are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful blog!

Ranae Broadhead said...

love these!!! amazing

Mariah said...

I thought the heads were adorable and have had them on my "to do" list, but now I absolutely MUST make this entire set! Thanks for sharing!

karen said...

love these! Any chance you will sell them finished in your etsy shop for those of us that don't have saws? :)

Unknown said...


thanks for asking! you are among a few other requests, so as of tonight they are in my shop.
thanks again for the encouragement-

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this! So cute and creative!!!

karen said...

I think you should sell your stuff at a craft show in College Station or hold a craft night. I live in Brenham and would definitely drive up! By the way, the Giving Tree idea for the teacher is awesome!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this and am featuring it at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! They look like they cost $100!

Unknown said...

What kind of paint did you use?

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