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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Itty Bitty Baker's Line is here!!!

I am so excited to introduce to you my
Itty Bitty Baker!
line of children’s wood and fabric toys.  As a mom, I want the best for my kids. I want to give them an opportunity to learn and grow in any situation-even when they’re playing. And, I want them to learn about everyday experiences in a fun and safe manner.
My girls love to “help out” in the kitchen. They were always helping themselves to my cooking utensils and aprons. After one too many times of ruining my shirt-I decided they needed some of their own. That’s where this all started, the need for a cute and fun child-size apron.
It’s only grown from there. I decided that the play food my girls had, wasn’t fun. Plastic molded forms that were easily misshapen and well, plastic. I wanted something more durable, more interactive, but still easy to keep clean. I found cute sets at the store, but didn’t like the price. And, I wanted something more personal, something more me, and now, I want to share it with you…

Itty Bitty Fabric Line
This line features finished fabric play toys and aprons.

Aprons are made of a soft, cotton flannel bodice and ruffle, grosgrain ribbon waist and neck ties, and a sweet cupcake pocket!
Aprons are available in two sizes, small {2T-3T} and large {4T-6}. You choose the fabric combo from options shown HERE.
Apron price: $15

Cookie and Sweet Roll sets are sewn from felt with hand stitched details and bead work. Cookies arrive bagged in a set of 6, you choose rainbow or pink sprinkles! Sweet Rolls come boxed and tied in a set of 4.
Each set is available for $7.50

Save yourself some money and get a Baker’s Delight set! This set includes an apron of your choosing, 1 set of cookies and 1 set of sweet rolls for $25.
{all products require additional shipping}

Itty Bitty Wood Line

This line features wood and velcro play sets similar to those you’d find at Land of Nod or from Doug and Melissa.
So, what’s the difference? My sets come unfinished, ready to give your own special touch to. Paper cover or paint, the choice is yours. And, you get more pieces in each play set for less money!
 Sugar Cookie set includes:
6 cookie cutouts
6 frosting toppers
1 frosting container

1 sprinkles container
Frosting spreader

  Serving tray
Labels and Velcro pieces

Sandwich Set includes:

4 bread slices
2 lettuce cutouts
2 cheese cutouts
2 tomato cutouts
2 meat cutouts
1 mustard container
1 mayo container
1 butter knife
1 cutting board
Labels and Velcro pieces

Each set sells for $15
  {shipping is $10 for 1-3 sets} 

These sets would make wonderful, personal holiday and  birthday gifts!

**Add size and color choices in the message box during checkout**

Itty Bitty Baker's Line

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