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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 17-Painted Fabric Gingerbread Man

This little man goes together pretty quick.
 He's made from muslin and then painted to stiffen the fabric.
All the details are then painted on too.
How to make a:
Painted Fabric Gingerbread  Man
Supplies needed to make 2 cookies:
¼ yard of muslin                                
2 strips of scarf fabric each about 1”x12”        
Sewing machine and thread &needle
Polyester fiberfill
 Acrylic Paints in the following colors:
Lt brown {I actually use spray paint for the bodies}, black, white,  and red
And the basics: scissors, paper, pencil, brushes, and a good strong glue.
1.     Copy the pattern onto a strong paper and carefully cut it out. You will find the pattern here:
click to enlarge
*Your pattern should be about 5 ½ “ tall when printed.

2.     Fold the muslin right sides together to form two layers. Using your pattern, trace two cookies onto the muslin. Stitch completely around the cookies on the traced lines. Do not leave an opening. Cut out the cookies ¼ “  beyond the traced/stitched lines. Carefully pull apart the muslin layers, cut a slit in the neck of one piece and turn right side out.
3.     Stuff the cookie firmly with poly-fill. Slip stitch the opening closed.
4.     Paint the bodies lt brown. If using acrylics, thin with a bit of water. Let dry thoroughly.
5.     Add the details. Use a thin brush and the white paint to add the frosting lines around the arms, legs, and head. Use the red to dry brush the cheeks. Line the eyebrows and dot the eyes with black. Once dry dot white highlights on the cheeks and eyes.
6.     Tie a strip of fabric around the necks and knot in place. Glue down.
7.     Using your needle and a 10” long piece of thread, take a small stitch at the back of the head. Knot the ends to form a hanger.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

At age 2, My daughter's preschool class used this same idea to make Christmas Angels. They were so adorable. I'm thinking of doing it with my son who is 2 right now.

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