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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19- Sparkly Christmas Words!

So that's a terrible name, but it fits. I think I'm in a "sparkly' mood today, I wasn't going to do these until next week but felt the need for glitter today so here we go...

{Glitter makes me happy! I think it's the preschool teacher in  me!}

I've seen words similar to these in the stores but just can't say I love the prices, so I set out to do my own. 
All in all these probably cost around a quarter a piece! Much better than the $10 they wanted at the store.

I cut these from 1/4 inch MDF {power tools are therapeutic for me} then spray painted them. While the paint was still wet I poured on the glitter-no glue required. Then a quick coat of sealer to keep it there. I'll use floral wire to create the hanger, but wanted to get a picture before it got much darker.

Want to make a few yourself? I had a few thoughts to share on that...

First, I drew out my words. If you can't free-hand don't stress, the computer will be your best friend!

 Open up a new WORD document or similar program and type in the word you want to glitter-ize.

{You can use mine, just click, enlarge and print...}

Play with the millions of different fonts available.
{Remember you're going to have to cut this baby out so don't go to crazy}
Once you've found "the one",play with the font sizing. A good way to judge your sizing is to know 500= about 5-6 inches tall.

Print out the word onto cardstock. Cut out the individual letters and then tape them together so that they are touching but still read-able.

Trace your word out onto chipboard, poster board, or even your empty cereal boxes.
Cut, paint {back then front}, and go crazy with that glitter! 
You could use ribbon for a hanger or even glue on a metal ornament hanger.
How fun would it be to let your kiddos pick out words that describe Christmas to them? Or to use this as a FHE activity about the Christmas Story? All of your names? Or your entire family's names to create a "Family Tree"? Okay, I'm going a little crazy, but I know my kiddlets would LOVE to do this!
Have fun getting sparkly...
Happy Crafting!

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