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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14-Glove Reindeer

Sunday-"Fun"day with the kiddos right? This ornament is a fun one for the kids, I put my 11 and 7 yr old to work to see what they could come up with. By the time they're through we might have Santa's entire reindeer arsenal on our tree! They had a blast!

This is made from the cheapy-knit gloves that run about $1 per pair. (Sometimes 2 pr for a $1)
Some felt, a big pom pon, wiggly eyes, and some ribbon.

Start by tucking the thumb piece inside the glove and then glue the opening shut so it doesn't reappear.
Next put a dot of hot glue between each pair of fingers and pinch together-this will create your antlers.
From there it's up to you. Cut shapes from felt to make ears, cheeks, you could even use it for eyes and the nose. Have fun with your little ones and enjoy your day!

Happy Crafting!


Stuff by Ash said...

You are soo crafty it makes me sick! (This is meant as a compliment, although I'm really jealous of your creativity!) I love that it's inexpensive. Thanks for sharing.

Tim said...

Unbelievably cute!

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