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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25- Felt Lollipops!

I hope you each find this day with the ones you love,
the people that make your heart happy and your life good.

I wish you safety, joy, and a day full of memories to treasure always!

Second, here's today's ornament...

Fun, yummy-looking, swirly good, felt lollipops!
So simple, and going to look so good on the afore mentioned "Candy Tree".

You need:
2 different colored felt squares
hot glue gun
Popsicle sticks
and ribbon

Cut the felt into 1 inch strips. {I used 3 of each color.}
 Glue the 3 short strips of the same color together to make 2 long strips.
 Lay the two long strips on top of each other and start rolling.
Add a little glue along the way to keep it all together.
Glue the ends down, glue the roll onto the Popsicle stick,
add some ribbon for a hanger and a bow to the stick and you're done!

Yummy, Yummy! No calorie candy...

Happy Crafting.

1 comment:

Pootle said...

They definately look good enough to eat!!

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