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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6- Beaded Heart Ornament

My internet service has been down all day, I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get this in. But thanks to some techie somewhere I made it while it's still day 6!

These hearts are some of my favorites to make for a few reasons. 1. You can get quite a few of them for the amount of money you spend and 2. They look so darn cute tucked in among the round ball ornaments on my tree!

To make these you only need a few things...18 gauge floral wire sticks (not the spool!), ribbon, a glue gun, and a 9 foot beaded garland. You can find the garlands in the holiday decor section of almost any big name dept or craft store.

Cut the string that holds the garland together and un-string all the beads. You need 21 beads to make a heart about 6 inches tall. Take a wire stick and bend it in half. Twist the bend a few times to form a loop for hanging. The wire should look like a "V" with a loop at the bottom. String 10 beads onto each side of the "V" then twist the open ends together to seal the wire. You should now have a funky shaped oval. Work the wire to form the shape of a heart with the wire loop at the top center and the twisted ends at the bottom point. Place a dab of hot glue into your 21st bead and then slide it over the twisted ends of wire. {See picture below} Trim any wire that may still be showing  from the bottom of the bead. Tie a cute ribbon into a bow at the base of the loop and your finished. 

Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

SuperAYLA said...

This'll be perfect for Valentine's day. Hopefully I can find some beaded garland on clearance now!

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