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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Hand-Made Christmas Part 2

The inspiration for this project came from a PB picture I found in my inbox a few weeks ago.
Photo Credit (Pottery Barn)

I immedialtely fell for these! Love those ruffles!
 (These ones are $19 for 2, that doesn't include the monogram)
So thank you Pottery Barn, you led me one gift closer to having my list complete.

These are the ones I made for my sister.
 I bought the towels in a set of 5 for $5 at Wal-Mart, spent about $5 on the ribbon, fabric, and buttons to finish them.
 (I had left over heat-n-bond from my still unfinished pillows-UGH!)
Found a fun red cassorole dish for $8 at the grocery store to put them in, and I still have a few dollars to play with in my per-present budget!
(I'm thinking of adding some matching bowls)
Gotta LOVE a fun knock-off! 
 Happy Crafting! 

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