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Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Teacher/Neighbor Gifts

My daughter's class is doing the sweetest thing for their teacher this year! As a former teacher, I would LOVE to receive this.

The room moms decided on a theme of "The Giving Tree" based on the book by Shel Silversteen. We are giving her a copy of the book with the students autographs inside and a tree full of gift cards to her favorite places.
{We had her put together a list of those places and then had the kids each bring in a gift card of their choice.}
My part in this is finding a cute way to hang the gift cards. I ended up making little burlap "purses". They are just the right size for the cards and look so cute on that tree!

I used this tutorial to get the wording on the burlap.
Sewed two quick seams (YEAH! The sewing machine is back!)
And then had a blast embellishing them.
I recruited my girls for the handle-beading and we finished all 20 bags in a few hours.

I liked them so much I decided to make some a bit bigger and use them for my neighbor gifts this year.

I'm thinking I'll fill them with some homemade caramels. YUM!

Happy Crafting...

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Linda said...

We make caramels also. It's a recipe from my great aunt and is very old. It uses sweetened condensed milk. Gosh, they are good...

these bags are super cute. Linda

Anonymous said...

Where do you find burlap?

wendy said...

I bought my burlap in the fabric dept. at Walmart. They had 3-4 different colors to choose from. You can also pick it up at most fabric stores-and it's cheap!


Andy Porter said...

I love those burlap bags!! Those are so dang cute! Thanks for linking!


*The Thompson Fam said...

Hey...so did you really do the freezer paper for printing on the burlap....Did you just use like reynolds wrap freezer paper, or some special kind?

wendy said...


Yes, I really used good old fashioned Reynolds freezer paper. It is pretty cool to see it come out of the printer, I promise it works!
Just be sure you get the edges really well-they CAN cause your fabric to jam if they start to frey. Learned that the hard way...

And read the tutorial, she does a great job of explaining how to do it.

Love ya-

Mrs.B said...

wonderful idea...love it!

Amanda @ Frills and Frolic said...

I featured your lovely purses on my blog today!



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