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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Fourth of July Goodies...Done!!!

So it took a little longer than I thought-doesn't it always!
But I've got my BBQ favors and decor DONE!

Here's the breakdown...

The Martha Stewart rocket favors became these. When I went to the store to get the mints I ran across the little tootsie roll banks instead. You know, cardboard tube, plastic lid, chuck full of yummy-ness. They were on sale and well, being me my thought was "How fun would it be for each of the kiddos to get their own bank/rocket favor?" And in reality the cost was pretty much the same as buying enough candy to fill the other ones!
I just covered the bank with scrap paper, made a paper cone for the top, glued a dowel onto the side, and added a ribbon "fuse" to the bottom.
Super simple!

Up next, the lifesaver firecrackers became...

...only because the only rolled candy I could find were mints!
And really who wants to hear, "Glad you made it, here, have a roll of mints."
I used the long, skinny laffy taffy. Just folded it in half, tied a ribbon fuse at the bend, and the covered them in more paper.

My flag project was this little guy...

Loving it!
It's all scrap wood- a square of 1x4, 2 pieces of 2x4 (the ruffle is hiding the seam), and a fence post topper meant for another project that never materialized!
I painted, added some ribbon, drilled 5 holes and glued in the flags.

And the last part, my new not-so-little uncle...

 I wanted something fun by the front door to greet my guests, this guy fit the bill!
He's a total stiff-made from 1x12 inch pine, but I love him!

I'm thinking it's gonna to be a GREAT time!
See you back here tomorrow for T.G.I.F and if you're starting your holiday weekend early-be safe and ENJOY!!!

Happy Crafting.


Stef said...

FANTASTIC as always! I love everything you make.

Krystal said...

Its all so great! How do you find the time?!?

Anonymous said...

I love your display!! do you have a pattern for the uncle sam?? Have a great 4th.

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