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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wood You Like to Craft? with Candace of Crafty Sisters!!!

Hi, we're Candace and Nicole from Crafty Sisters
crafty sisters
 We are really excited to be here at Craft Goodies. 
 Wendy is super talented in the wood department and we just loved her star lantern she made for this month's craft. Her cut stars were amazing wrapped around the lantern!
Well, Nicole has been super busy this month, in the last few days she has been asked to create all the floral arrangements for a friend's wedding....so she has been up to her eyeballs figuring it all out.
  Yep, she's a woman of many talents besides wood crafts.
  So that leaves me (Candace) in charge of creating a lantern.
I have seen so many cool terrariums created from old wood frames,
 and thought it would work for a lantern. 
 I am proud to say that I only spent money on the metal hook, and everything else I found in my garage. I found some IKEA cheapy frames I have had for ten years, and glued them together with Liquid Nails super adhesive. The rest were scraps left over from old projects...yeah!  
You probably should nail, hinge, or use corner brackets to make the frame box stronger, but Liquid Nails adhesive is pretty good and it seems to work for my small lantern. I might go back and put a few wood corner braces in.
I let the glued frames dry for a day before attaching anything else.
I made the top of the lantern with a one scrap of mdf for the base of the lid,
and a small piece in the center to set the fencing cap up high.
You can find wood fencing caps in Home Depot for a couple of dollars.
I found some trim in my garage and cut it to fit like crown.
I used my miter saw to cut each piece at a 45 degree angle, flipping it to get the right angle.
If you have a question about mitering crown...Google it...that's how I learned, you will find great directions.
If you don't have a miter saw, you can also do this with a miter box.
I used wood glue to attach the trim to the top, and the rest of the top pieces.
I used LOTS of wood filler to fill in my gaps...it is amazing stuff!
Can you tell I am feeling a little less confident this time around without my trusty craft partner. ;)
I finished the lantern with orb spray paint.
Our mom gave me a fun idea to glue small strips of wood on the lid to keep the lid from slipping off. 
 I cut chopsticks up and it works great! I was going to use latches to hold the lid in place, but this will be sitting on a shelf somewhere in my house...so it should be okay.
**Notice I don't have a vent for a real candle.  This is purely a "decorative" :) lantern. 
 I used battery operated candles...love them.
This lantern was reeeaallly easy to make, so give it a try!
You can do it! If you have four old frames somewhere...half your work is already done!
 I hope you come join in on the fun!
Thanks Wendy for having us!

I'm always impressed with this dynamite duo! So much talent between them. I'm loving the black-super classy and so able to go anywhere. Thanks Candace for a great project.


Krystal said...

Looks like we had the same idea with the picture frames! Yours looks great. I love the way you did the top. Very chic. Nice work!

R @ Rebecca's Roundup said...

LOVE! I am featuring this on my blog! rebeccasroundup.blogspot.com

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