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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wall Hanging Knock Off...{What Wendy did Wednesday}

At the beginning of this year, I gave myself a few "challenges" to accomplish. One of which was to bring some color into my very, very, white-walled home.
 Painting isn't an option as we are only renting for now and the rental agreement clearly states
"no altering/painting of any wall colorings will be allowed".
{HA! There is NO color, silly people}

So this is what I've been looking at for the last 5 months...stunning, no?
I've been stumped {and a little scared} at what to do.
Then I ran across this one day while collecting a few paint sticks...

This is from the Valspar Creative Ideas Library
I loved the size and somewhat organic-ey {is that a word?}, grown-up look of it,
not so much the glass plates-not a good idea in my house! But definitely something I could work around.
I ended up with this...

okay so really it will look like this...

I totally thought I had enough burlap to finish two of these.
 I was totally wrong.
Wally-world didn't have anymore of that color and Jo-Ann's was to far at the time,
so it will have to wait until later today. Sorry, you'll just have to pretend.
The difference they make in the look and feel of the room is heavenly.
No more boring white wall here!
{Do you see my Ruffle Pillow? I'm loving how it's all coming together!}
Want to make a few?
They came in around $25 each, but could be cheaper if you choose different blinds.
Here's where I started...

two 3 ft x 4 ft pieces floorboard
I bought a sheet (4 ft x 8 ft) of floorboard, it's thin, cheap, and I liked the texture/grain pattern.
I had my buddy at Lowe's cut it down.
rolled bamboo stick blinds
They come in a couple different shades, widths, and sizes. I bought the 32" x 76" ones, thinking that would be plenty-DUH! I ended up going back for a second set.
{28ft to go around 2 boards, I used 2 different ribbons, plus a few scrap pieces for bows}
2 pieces poster board
fabric to cover poster board
{a yard and 1/2  will easily do both}
flowers and greenery
floral foam square
scissors, wood glue, fabric or craft glue,
and a strong tape

Start by gluing down a ribbon edge.
I came in about an inch and went all the way around the board.
I squared off the corners by folding the ribbon back onto itself at a 45 degree angle, gluing, and then folding it over itself again continuing up the new side.

Add the blinds next.
Your going to have to cut off the hardware and pulleys. Cut the cords carefully and immediately glue the loose cords onto the slat or they will unravel.
I applied wood glue to the floorboard and then laid the blind piece down on top of that.
I left a 1/2 inch space between the ribbon edge and the blinds all the way around the piece.
Set something heavy on it and let it dry.
**I added a second, thinner ribbon onto the blinds.
I left an inch border between the edge of the blinds and the edge of the ribbon. Click on the "AFTER" pic to enlarge it and you can see the thin red ribbon**

While the wood is drying, move on to making the cone floral containers.
Cut an arch into the poster board.
Mine.is 22 inches from the point to the center of the arch.

Attach the fabric to the poster board. 
I used a spray adhesive first and then ran a thin bead of craft glue along all the edges.
Trim away the excess fabric.

I ran an ink pad across my fabric to give it a little more interest.

If you want a flat bottom, turn the piece over and fold up the bottom point. Glue into place.
If you'd prefer a point, leave it alone.

Roll up the poster board into a cone.

Run a thick bead of glue between the over lapping edges.
Cover the edges, inside and out, with a strong holding tape also.

To make the trim, cut 3" wide strips from your remaining fabric.
Fold 2 strips in half and then loosely twist them together.
Glue in more strips as needed to make the twist long enough to go around the top of the cone-don't add trim to the back of the cone, it will keep it from lying flat.

With your fabric glue, add the trim.
Glue your floral foam square into the cone, on the back side.
{the side that will be glued to the board}

Use the wood glue to secure the cone onto the dried wood piece.

Add your greenery and flowers to the piece, securing them into the floral foam.
Tie a bow from your ribbon scraps and glue to the cone front.

Secure to the wall with nails/screws, sit back and admire your FANTASTIC new wall art!
That's what I did today...Happy Crafting!


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Valerie said...

what a great project! Turned out really nice.

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