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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Jute Clover Frame...

I shared this post last week over at I{heart}Naptime. If you missed it or are needing a quick and easy St. Patrick's Day decoration give this a try...


This went together in under an hour! Super easy with easy to find supplies, so let's get busy.
You will need:

A base board for your project. I used a couple of scrap pieces{1/4 in. MDF and bead board}. But I think this would look great using a picture frame.
Glue gun and glue
Wood glue
Green Spray Pain-I used Krylon in Hunter Green
Wood Stain- I used Minwax Dark Walnut
Green Gardening Jute-I bought this at Wal-mart in the hardware section
stiff paper, scissors, and some ribbon for a bow

Start by giving your base board a good coat of paint.While that dries, sand down the bead board to your liking, then give it a quick rub down with the stain.
 Sand the edges on the base board and give them a quick brush with the stain too.
Once they are both dry, use the wood glue to stick them together.

Cut a heart shape from a piece of paper. {I actually cut 3}
Play with the size to be sure it fits into the overall size of your project.
 Once you find the right size, trace it 3 times onto your stiff paper, these will make the leaves for your clover.
Cut out the hearts.

With your glue gun and jute, start filling in the heart.
 Run a length of glue along the edge and then cover it with the jute. Continue gluing and adding the jute moving in toward the center, until the heart is completely filled being sure to keep the rows close together. 
Repeat this for the other 2 hearts.

Glue the hearts onto your board forming a clover. Add a stem directly onto the board.

From there I used my best glue gun cursive to add the wording. As I didn't have room for "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and well, I'm not Irish, I opted for the short and sweet...lucky.
I went a letter at a time and totally eyeballed it. If you need to, you could draw it out with pencil first, or use vinyl, or stickers, or just have a clover!

Last, add a bow for a splash of color and you're done!

One super fast, easy and cute St. Patrick's Day decor piece ready to display.
There will be no pinching at my house this year!
Just in case your wondering, you can find the other pieces in the pictures at my shop ...Well Good!

***So as much as I liked this, I wasn't 100% happy with how it looked on my mantle. I decided I needed smaller pieces so I omitted the wording and just did the clover and LOVE it! Just another option***

Happy Crafting!

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Leslie said...

I am so in love with this! I really need to learn how to use a saw! I have the green jute and everything else, I just need my boards cute!

Unknown said...

Adorable, as usual. I'm linking to this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

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