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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leprechaun 2x4 Tutorial!

What Wendy did Wednesday...
The good luck is flowing, 
{Two tutorials in one day!}
This little charmer could be sitting pretty on your shelf by tonight...
Here are the supplies you'll need to make him:
2x4 block cut to 3.5 x 3.5
1/4 inch MDF for hat, nose, buckle, and eyebrows
{you could use heavy card stock if wood isn't an option}
Yarn for beard and hair tuft
Paint and brushes
{flesh tone, red, black, white, and orange-ish brown-I used Americana Terra Cotta}
scrap of ribbon
black and red ink pads
Green and golden yellow card stock
Mod Podge
glue gun
Cut and sand all the wood pieces

Paint the base block flesh tone, the nose red, and the eyebrows the orange-ish brown.
 Once dry, re-sand the edges to create a border on the small pieces only.
Use the red ink to blush the cheeks, add a white highlights when dry.
Assemble the hat piece.
Paper cover the hat green and the buckle golden yellow.
Be sure to ink the paper with the black ink before you glue it onto the wood.

Glue the ribbon into place...I just wrapped the edges around to the back,
 then the buckle onto the center of the ribbon.

Make the hair tuft next.
Form 3-4 small loops with  the yarn, {I wrapped it around my 3 longest fingers}, tie a separate piece into a knot at the center...

...cut and trim the loops then glue the hat, eyebrows and hair into place on the block.

On the back side of the nose start hot gluing loops of yarn from one  side to the next.
I went back and forth 3 times, but make it as thick as you'd like.

Cut and trim the loops then glue the nose/beard into place on the block.
 Dot the eyes black, add highlights when dry and any additional embellishments...

Blarney Be! Ye lil' leprechaun be done!
Luck be with you and...
Happy Crafting!

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Anonymous said...

soo cute! You should come up with a chick for easter!

Unknown said...

This little guy wants to visit my house for St. Patty's! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

extreme personal measures said...

Love this. I have a sneak peak feature linking back to you scheduled for today! This is great! I love using up my leftover wood!

Extreme Personal Measures

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