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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Treats featuring...March Word... of the Month Kits!

 Happy February!
It's that time again, time to bring out the new Word...of the Month kits.
Please indulge me, I've decided this all works a little better with a bit more time so I've moved up the release dates from the 15th to the 1st. And remember, all kits are sold unfinished so that you can add a bit of you to them.
So are you ready for a little spring in your step? Well how about your decor?

March Kit #1 is a fun and cheery reminder of the change of seasons, the warm that is coming, and the beauty that will soon surround us! 
This set is cut from 1/2 inch MDF, letters stand 3-5 inches tall, bird stretches up 7 inches.
Kit contains all letters, bird and wing cutout, base, legs, craft wire, flower paper and center, paper to cover bird, and patterns for flower, and finishing directions.

You will find this set in my shop starting tomorrow.
It sells for $10.00

March kit #2 celebrates one of my favorite little pleasures...
 Give me a breezy day and a kite to fly and I'm a happy girl!
This set includes a 2x3 base, all letters, craft wire, paper label, ribbon ties, kite paper, 
patterns and finishing directions.

Letters are cut from 1/2 inch MDF and stand 3-4 inches tall.
Entire piece is about 11 inches long by 6 inches tall (to top of "K").
This kit sells for $10.00
And we can't forget the Block Heads!
I'm posting both March and April, cause well, they both work for both months.

{I totally forgot to paint his eyes before I took the picture! Whoops!}

I love that Spring brings back all the flowers and color that goes missing during winter.
And as I am not very patiently awaiting the blooming of my tulips, I'm filling in the time with these bright bloomers.
March's set includes both flower pots, 2 flower cutouts, stems, and finishing instructions.
It sells for $6.00
And spring just wouldn't be spring without a bunny or two!
{or a whole bunch more the way those bunnies work!}
April's Block Head set includes the block base, ear and nose cutouts, wire whiskers,and finishing directions.
This set sells for $4.00

So "HOP" to it! Springs a coming!
 Again I say {AW-YEAH!}.
Don't forget-I'm a sucker for a craft night and I'd love to help with yours. All of my kits are open to group pricing once the minimum number of sets ordered is met.
Email me for details. You will find these kits in my shop starting tomorrow.

Also, look for Block Head tutorials {that elusive Valentine's Day bee and flower pots}coming on Friday!
Until then...
Happy Crafting!


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Wendy, you've done it again! These are so cute! I love the little bird! and the kite? wonderful!

Stef said...

Adorable!! You really need to publish some patterns of your block heads!! I would buy them all ;)

Leslie said...

How cute! I am excited for your new kits! I am in love with your wooden play sets, they are adorable!

Jen P said...

Love these sets!! They are adorable! The bird in spring is so fun!
The block sets are great too! Once again amazed at your talent and creativity

Unknown said...

Absolutely darling. I'm not seeing them in your etsy shop:(

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