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Friday, October 8, 2010

Witches & Spiders & Bats...OH MY!

  First. let me say yes, I know they are cruddy pictures and trust me they look better smaller. Which makes me sad because I really am excited about how this turned out. My hubby is out of town with the good camera until Sunday. So until he returns, these will have to do...you may just have to use your imagination a bit. 

 And can I just say that I really do love it! I have sat and smiled at it all afternoon. Some days I make me happy, today is one of those days...

   I feel we should all share in this happiness, you need to make one of these this weekend! It was really easy and really quite fast, no more than a couple of hours tops. {And that was working around dropping off my kiddos at school and my volunteer assignment}.
   My board is 17 1/2 inches wide by 22 3/4 inches tall cut from 1/4 inch MDF. Funky size but I figured it based off of the size of squares I wanted and the space between them. Get those boys at Lowe's/Home Depot to cut one for you if needed. Or this would work on an 18x24 inch canvas, you'd just need to adjust the spacing of your squares. I also used my Cricut for my lettering {STAMPED Cartridge, set to shorty at
1 3/4" for "witches & spiders & bats..."and at 2 1/4" for OH MY!}

   Here are the rest of the things you would need:
Black Paint (I used Krylon Spray paint)
12 different Halloween/Fall Imaged papers
black ink pad
scissors or paper cutter
Modge Podge and a brush
stickers, chipboard, or vinyl letters

Now that you've got your supplies, let's get to work...
First, you need to paint your board/canvas. Set it aside to dry.

While your paint dries, cut your paper into 5x5 squares. You need 12 squares total. Ink the edges of all 12 squares.

Next lay your papers out onto your board to find the pattern you like best and the spacing. I wanted a bigger boarder around the edges of mine so I came in 1 inch on all edges and then spaced my squares 1/4" apart.

Once you have your pattern and spacing figured out, use the modge podge to attach your squares.Use your ruler to check spacing with each new square.

It should look like this once you have all your squares glued down.
 Apply another coat of Modge Podge over the entire piece. {check for bubbles as you go!}

Last, apply your lettering. {The Modge Podge will work as a glue if your using chipboard, otherwise wait until it is completely dry before attaching stickers or vinyl}
Go over your lettering one more time with the Modge Podge or hit it with a spray sealer to secure everything in place. Let it finish drying then put this baby up on display!

Have A Great Weekend!
 Thank you for a fantastic week here at Craft Goodies,
 now go and make yourself something ...Well Good!!!


kristenhcubed said...

I'm totally going to do one! So cute. And, I must report I cut vinyl for the first time today on my silhouette. Turned out great! Tune in to my blog in the next couple of days for pictures. (Assuming they are still cute after I finish assembling all the pieces...)

Debbie Burns said...

Love, love, LOVE this! Thanks for the tutorial!

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