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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Goodies!

Holy Cow! What a week-and we still have a few days to go! It's been a busy but fun one. Just wanted to share a few of the Halloween treats that appeared around our house this week...so much sweetness, so much fun!

A tray full of sugar cookie dough and pretzel sticks became a table full of "hairy" green spiders for preschool. These went together fast and easy. I used a basic sugar cookie dough, broke 4 pretzel sticks in half, stuck 4 on each side to make the legs and then baked as directed. Once they were cool, I piped green frosting onto the cookie and then dipped the entire thing in brown sprinkles. Added M&M's for eyes, and dot of white frosting and TA-DAH! Tasty, not-so-scary spiders!

 These little monsters were on the menu at our end of the season softball party. The idea comes from the amazing book, What's New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. It's the follow-up to their New York Times Bestseller Hello, Cupcake! They are both chock-full of so easy and seriously amazing cupcakes. If you are a home birthday/party baker you need these books. These cupcakes were a HUGE hit with the team-and their parents. {Get the books! You'll love them!}

Soccer snacks were up next! I purposely chose this week to do snacks because it is Halloween weekend and that made snacks way more fun!

I covered the front of their juice pouches with a silly little witch face made from paper and then made brooms out of brown paper lunch bags. I sent my girls out to collect sticks for broom handles-told them they had to work for their snacks. They helped me fill and tie the bags and we are ready for game day!

And last, a few treats for the neighbors. I wrapped paper pumpkins around orange soda cans left in a 6-pack. Tied on a fun ribbon {Yep, it's burlap! Go Wal-mart.} Then attached a note that said "Hope your Halloween is packed with fun! Happy Halloween from our patch to yours..."

Wow! It's been busy, but oh so fun. I love this time of year! Happy Halloween to you all, hope it's way more treat than trick!

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Anonymous said...

These ideas are soooo cute and so creative! I am going to try the spider cookies!
Elise Gardiner

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