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Monday, October 11, 2010

And the Winner is...

In good award show fashion I'm going to drag this out of a minute or two...

   First to say thank you! What a fun and exciting first week. You're response was more than I hoped and your comments made me smile. This was SO much fun, keep checking in as I'm going to be doing this again, soon. {I have BIG plans for November! I am giggly with excitement to share!}

   And second, because your comments made me so happy, I decided I needed to give away a set of "Boo" letters as well. So Happy Monday to you all! And now the envelope please....
Congrats go out to NICOLE! She wrote:

"I love all the colors of the leaves in fall and I love playing in them with my son as well"
Nicole will receive the Spooky letter set!

And walking away with the BOO set is...NANCY! Nancy wrote:

"I love getting ready for Christmas. . . and remembering back when I was a kid - - when Fall meant the Aspen leaves changing colors, crisp mornings, the first snow, hot cocoa. Now, living in Gilbert, AZ, I LOVE when we can finally say goodbye to the 100 degree weather (hopefully - - just happened this week!), and then hear my kids comment how cold it is. (at 85 degrees!) "

As first timers in a "Southern Fall" we are just experiencing this ourselves. I never thought I'd think 85 degrees was cold either, I've been proven wrong!

I LOVE the fall for one big reason...the entire season means FAMILY to me. Everything about it is better when you're surrounded by your loved ones!

Congratulations again to both Nicole and Nancy, and thank you again to all of you! Check in later today to see what happened this weekend and remember the newest Word...of the Month kits come out on Friday!
Make it a good one!

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