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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ready, Set, BOO!

 Has it started in your neighborhood yet? Well then, get to it!
I'm talking of course about the art of "Boo-ing". Not familiar with this by chance? OH! Let me explain...

 "Booing" our neighbors is one of my families favorite Halloween traditions. It is one of two times during the year when doorbell ditching is allowed, in fact it's encouraged! Boo-ing is similar in nature to a Secret Santa at Christmas. The idea being you drop off a sweet treat and a poem to a neighbor's doorstep, KNOCK and RUN, all in the name of Halloween fun. The poem encourages the recipient to pass on the activity the following night to two new neighbors and it just keeps growing and growing  until your entire street and neighborhood has been struck by the
 "Halloween Spirit".

My girls and I are starting our adventure tonight. As we live in a fairly large neighborhood, we have chosen 3 families to visit. I found the most fantastic little treasure at Wal-mart ($3 each in the Halloween candy section), re-decorated the labels, and made copies of the Booing Poem we like to use. Now we just have to wait for dark...

Here is the poem we use, feel free to copy and paste. I wrote it and have no problems with sharing...

You’ve just been Boo-ed! by a Halloween Friend. Please don’t let the fun come to an end.
Your task is quite simple, the rewards will be sweet. Make two copies of all, pair them up with a treat.
Come tomorrow night, to an un-Boo-ed  house go, lay down your treasures on the doorstep just so.
Get ready to run, there’s just one thing more, ring the bell or knock loudly upon the door. 
Then hide yourself up, and watch from away, you’ve just Boo-ed your friend and brightened his day!
Now back to your home the last step to make, you’re little Boo, his place needs to take.
On the front door, or a window is good, he’ll ward off the bad, bring only the good!
Keep the fun going until Halloween day, when Boo joins his friends for an evening of play!
Happy Halloween!!!

You will also need a picture of a ghost to accompany your treat and poem. I just draw one, makes it quick and easy. But I did find several online, just find one to your liking.

 I found a few other poems on-line just in case your feeling the Boo-ing spirit and want to start this fun little game on your own street.

Option #1  Super Cute poem and treat from Skip to My  Lou, poem is download-able
Option #2 Lots of images to choose from and they have a poem as well.
Option #3 This one is set up by Hershey's, totally pushes their chocolate {is that a bad thing?}but has 2 fun choices.

Here's hoping the spirit of Halloween finds you and yours. And maybe leaves you a sweet little something to remember him by. Have fun!

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