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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uncle Sam Blockhead Tutorial!!!

I pledge allegiance...to my growing blockhead collection!
We want you...to make an Uncle Sam...
You'll need the following items:
small 2x4 block for the base
*mine are cut to square at 3.5 x 3.5 inches
wood nose, hat, and eyebrow cut outs
*you could also use fun foam or chipboard if wood isn't available
red, white, blue, and yellow card stock
*I also used a little piece of pink for the nose
white yarn for the beard and hair
flesh toned, pink, white, and black paint
brown or black and red ink pads
glue gun and scissors
mod podge and brushes
Start by sanding any rough edges from your wood pieces. Then paint the base with the flesh toned paint.
Once the paint is dry, blush the cheeks using the red ink pad...

Finish the hat piece next.
Trace the entire hat shape onto the blue card stock. Cut it out, distress the edges, and then adhere it onto your wood/chipboard hat cutout.
Cut the top portion of the hat from the red paper, a stripe from the white, and a star from the yellow. Distress edges and adhere onto the blue hat piece going red, then white, then the star.

Next, finish the nose/mustache and eyebrow pieces by either paper covering or painting. Distress the edges with the brown or black ink pad. The mustache piece is cut from the white card stock and then glued to the back of the nose.

Use the white paint to add highlights to the cheeks and across the nose.

Using the yarn and glue gun, add loops of yarn to the back of the nose piece to form the beard.
Start at one side and work your way across to the other. You can go back and forth as many times as you'd like to achieve the thickness you want.

(You can then either leave the loop in tact or cut them.)

Glue everything into place...

Center the nose between the cheeks.
Place the hat onto the base top about 1/2 an inch down, and then add the eyebrows, gluing them onto the hat. I also added a few strands of yarn for hair.

Finish it off by using the black paint to dot the eyes just above the nose, when dry add white highlights and your Uncle Sam is ready for his debut!!

Happy Crafting. 
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