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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Swapping with Kelly from Running with Glitter!!!

Can you believe it? My first blog swap!
I'm totally, crazy excited about not only swapping, but who I'm swapping with!
She is funny, talented, cute, writes a wonderful blog and just all around awesome. That, and she's sharing a fun summer project with you today. So here you go, meet Kelly...

Hi! I'm Kelly from Running With GlitterMomma to two and wife to one.
 I'm just a simple girl from Oklahoma and a wee bit cheeky. I'd love to share a long list of the talents and accomplishments I have... But, my list is short and my life is very full of happiness. 
Running With Glitter is a blog I created as an outlet to share and document my 
crafting adventures. When I started the Glitter blog I never knew it would grow like it has and become so much to me. 
I'm really excited to be a guest here today. Thank you so very much for having me! 
If you get a chance I'd love for you to check out my blog.

Flip Flop Fun!

Today I'm going to share a super easy way to doll up your flip flops. These particular flip flops I made are to match my bathing suit. This is a great project that can be done with the kids. With a few scraps and and several knots your feet will be even cuter in no time!
Here is how you make them.....
  1. Supplies: Fabric Scraps, Pinking Shears or Scissors and Flip Flops
  2. Cup strips of fabric. I Cut mine 3/4 inch wide and about 3 inches long. You will need to adjust this to your taste. The wider strips will be fuller looking and the longer the strips you cut will make them fluffy. 
  3. Tie a single knot
  4. Then keep tying , keep adding until you almost fill the strap up.
  5. Do the other side and tie some more.....
  6. Finished! Now slip on your new cute flip flops and head to the pool! 

Happy Summer!


Super fun, right?
Kelly authors a great blog, so many fun ideas all in one great place. You should really check it out if you're not already familiar with her.
I'm over at her place sharing a fun summer picnic basket tutorial-
come visit, say hi, check out Kelly's blog.

Happy Crafting... 
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