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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Treats featuring...a cup of water, can of stain & a mischievious little girl!

I'm a bit behind schedule, this is why...

I adore this little munchkin of mine but she is a turkey! She got upset at her sister Friday morning, her sister just happened to be playing on my laptop, so my little miss decided to teach her sister a lesson by dumping a full glass of water on her head...and all over my laptop!
I screamed, I cried, I begged my husband to perform a miracle and save my now lifeless laptop. He just looked at me like "who exactly do you think I am? An technical God?"

 I think he might be...after working on it off and on all weekend and late into last night he brought my baby back from the brink of electronic wasteland! He IS a miracle worker....but never the less I don't have a post ready for today. I'm playing catch up to a bunch of orders that came in while I was incommunicado. So instead I'm sharing with you another of my daughter's adventures, I promise, it's a good one...

***this was posted on my family blog 10/10...
"Oh this little girl.
 This beautiful, sweet, little girl is driving me CRAZY!!!
Someone please, tell me how it is possible for one little thing to reek such utter devastation on such a regular basis?
Here is today's big event...so far anyway, bedtime is still a long way off!
Cute isn't she? But wait, what's that on her face you ask? Chocolate maybe? Dirt perhaps? Oh no, that would be far to ordinary. ANY child can find their way into those simple things, but this is Reegan. And there is nothing ordinary about what Reegan can find to get into.

Reegan is wearing a brand new can of Minwax Liquid Stain in Dark Walnut. It's a good color on her, don't you think? Really brings out the color of her eyes, and adds just the right touch to her eye brows. And best yet, it can color your hair and dye your outfit all to match! What a bargain product!

And that doesn't even begin to cover the fantastic perfume that it makes. I mean come on, who doesn't want to smell like a furniture shop all day long?

Oh people, leave it to this little thing to find a new use for anything! She's got skills, amazing, un-equalled by any other skills.

Just in case you were wondering how she came upon a can of stain {yes, Jaron I'm looking at you}...No it wasn't left out, opened on the table for her to just find. It was sealed-never been opened, still in the bag, on the shelf in my craft closet. Skills I tell ya...I don't even want to know how she got it open. 

My first reaction was to scream, my second to give her away, I went with the third...blog about it so that tomorrow when I re-read it I can find the humor in this and too so that whatever she does do tomorrow {and she will do something}I have something to gauge it's severity from."
Have a great day! And...
Happy Crafting!!!

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