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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OMTWI Week 3 Project...Standing Floor Mirror!

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Week 3 voting has come and gone!
I'll know tomorrow if I've made it through to the finals. This has been so much fun and motivated me to get a ton of things done. My oldest daughter is loving it-the clock and mirror are for her room. Here's my week 3 entry post...
(be sure to read through it to the bottom of this post, I've listed the links to two other fun contests going on)
"The hard part of this week's challenge wasn't so much what to do as it was what to finish!
 (I think I have enough stuff in my stash to supply a years worth of this theme.)
It did give great motivation to finish up a project I've had on the books since September...

I seriously LOVE mirrors, and even more, the beautiful standing floor mirrors!!!
 Can't say however, that I can afford one.
The one I drool over from Pottery Barn  is over $600.
So after a good searching of my house, I found everything I needed to give making my own a try...

Some 1x6 boards from a pile in the garage, a few strips of trim molding, hinges meant for another long-forgotten project, 1x2's and a sad little on-the-door mirror purchased on clearance last fall.
I (cautiously) popped off the blue trim from the mirror, cut down the wood, sanded, puttied, re-sanded, stained, and assembled.
And in the end came out with a piece I'm absolutely tickled pink over!

(Pottery Barn eat your heart out)
Thanks for another fun week and for helping to lighten my to-do load!"
 Happy Crafting!

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