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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9-Paper Strips Ornament

I love the simplicity of these! And can you just imagine a tree full of them?
With all the many beautiful papers available you could acheive an amazing look. Dress it up with fancy ribbon and flowers or play it more kiddo friendly with fun mini ornaments or buttons tied on top.
{These will be perfect in my 3yr old's room-no glass to break!}

Vintage Ball Ornament

What you will need:
Patterned Paper cut to:
18  3/4"x6" srtips
12  3/4"x4" strips
8  1/2"x2" strips
(To make a larger ornament, simply scale your strips to a
larger size)
Holly leaves or other decorative elements
Hole Punch
1. Stack all same size papers together and punch a hole
in the top and bottom of the stack.
2. Thread ribbon through top and bottom holes and pull to
desired length
The more you pull the flatter your ornament will be.
3. Tie a knot at the top and bottom directly next to the
strips so that the ball holds its shape.
4. Fan out strips until ball is full and complete
5. Continue the same process with each size of strip until
three balls are formed.
6. Add embellishments and ribbons as desired

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