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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29-Photo Memory Block Ornament

 I love the idea of making our trees about our families.
The holidays are such a fantastic time to just remember. To remember fun times shared and loved ones we've spent time with, exciting things that have happened, and the "BIG" moments in life.
I think this may be my favorite ornament I've made in the past month because it will help me to remember this past year. Beautiful pictures of my beautiful girls.

I used 3 square blocks. I cut a 2x2 to square {my blocks are 1.5x1.5}
You can buy pre-cut squares in the wood crafts section of your local craft store.
Drill a hole through the center of each block.
Sand and Paint your blocks.
Prep your pictures.
You have 12 squares to fill, I used 11 pictures and one text box
 with my girl's names and the year. I jumped onto Picnik and uploaded and edited my pictures.
Pictures need to be between 1 and 1.5 inches square. 
Print and cut them out.
 Mod Podge your picture to the sides of the blocks only.
Double a long length of ribbon {I used two ribbons about 25 inches long each}
 and thread it through the bottom block. Tie a knot above and below that block. Be sure to leave enough ribbon hanging from the bottom to form a tassel of sorts.
Add the middle block and tie another knot above it, add the top block and tie one final knot.
Cut the remaining top loop to make to tails. With additional ribbon make a 5 loop bow. Center the bow on the top knot. Tie it down with the two long tails.
Tie a knot into the tails to form a hanger and you're done.
Beautiful, and personal. Wouldn't this make a great gift for grandparents or far away family?
I'm going to have to make a few more...
Happy Crafting!
*As I believe my kiddos are amazing and can't wait to add this to my tree, I won't make you add them to yours! The give away winner will receive this ornament in kit form to add your own photos to.**
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