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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm excited to finally share a few new kits with you today.
They are already up in my shop if you really want to go check them out, otherwise maybe they'll inspire you to create a little {almost} December magic!

I haven't added a new word in a few months, so this one is indeed over due!
I'm really liking it, the colors are just fun and that ornament came out better than I was hoping for.
Because it's so close to December I'm only offering 10 of these. They are cut and ready to go so that you'll have them in time to enjoy them this season.
Check this set out HERE

And I've got two new blockheads to add to my list today...and one more tomorrow!
Up first the big guy himself:

And then his Frosty friend:

So fun! And jolly, I love this time of year!
You can find them both in the shop also.
(and maybe if I get my act together I can get a tutorial together--cross your fingers!)

Hope you like them because you have a chance to win some of them!
Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary is hosting a series of giveaways on
 Thursday, Dec. 1ST!!!

I'm up at 4:00 pm MST and am giving away 5 blockhead kits of your choice so you and a few gal pals can enjoy a winter craft night.

It's a great list of great shops giving away all kinds of great things! Some are even offering discount codes as well, so be sure to check it out. You just may end up with a free gift or two...

Alrighty, I'm on my way to dancing with my 4 yr old but will be back in a bit with today's ornament.
Happy Crafting!


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