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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flowered Glass Ornament

I was having such a fantastically productive morning yesterday! I got the days ornament done plus two sets of exchange ornaments, a guest post project finished, my new shop kits done and photographed, a package of goodies packed to mail to my sister, and bought wrapped a birthday present--all before 10am.
I was so proud of me, I knew my post would go up late (I had to go to the birthday party) but I'd have it up by no later than 1. And then the afternoon hit and I didn't find myself at the computer until after my girls had gone to bed!

So the bad news, I missed a day, the good news...you're getting a two-fer today!

Yesterday's ornament was fun to figure out.

Pretty, huh?
And really easier than it might look. I saw this first in a boutique for a fantastic price and instantly my "I could make that for so much less" gene kicked in.

Here's the quick version of how I did it...
Start by stuffing a paper sized (8.5x11ish) piece of either fabric or tissue paper into the ornament.

Replace the cap and wrap the ornament tightly in a layer of tulle. Tie off the tulle at the top of the ornament and run a thick bead of hot glue around it to hold it tight.

Add the bows next. I did a wide ribbon, 3 loop bow, and a two-toned narrow ribbon 4 loop bow on each side. I added the little bell to cover up my glue spots.

Next, completely dissect a silk flower...

Starting with the big ones, snip the center hole so it will fit over the hanger on the ornament.
Add some glue to the ornament top and then slide the flower into place. Continue cutting and gluing until you've added all the petals.

After you've added the last petal, slip a thin ribbon through the wire loop and tie off to form a hanger.

Last, glue the flower's center back into place and you're done!

Not to bad, right? And seriously, so pretty.

I'll be back in a bit with today's ornament and also have my new December kits to share with you, a fun little announcement, and a quick reminder...

Happy Crafting.

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