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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mini Block Head Ornaments {and a peek at my other exchange ornaments}!!!

A miracle has occured here at my house.
And if you know me, you'd know it's a pretty big one.
I actually have my exchange ornaments done--and it isn't the day before the mail deadline either!

Did you feel the earth shake? My hubster will most likely go into shock, better not tell him.

Want to see...

Look familiar? He should!
I decided I couldn't get a better representation of myself than to mini size one of my blockheads.
I used a 1x3 as the block and then finished him just like his big brother adding an eye screw at the top to hang him and a bow and bell at his neck to dress him up for the holidays.
So fun! I want to do the snowman and penguin next!

I also participated in another exchange hosted by Stefanee from It's All in my Head.
Remember the scrabble tile ornies I posted last week, well I couldn't get over them...

I snagged a few scrabble games over the weekend and went to work.
I used two different backgrounds, the ones above are wood glued onto cut lengths of (wait for it...)
5 gallon paint sticks!!!
And the ones below are on cut lengths of a yard stick...

I had fun playing around with the bows and embellishments--so much so I kept a few for myself!
Here is the one thing I learned, when you've used up all the letters you have and have a bunch of random u's and i's left over, grab a sharpie, flip those babies over and write your own!
I ended up being able to use ALL of the scrabble tiles this way which made my final costs just about 50 cents per ornament!
Not to shabby.

Enjoy your day, happy crafting.


Anonymous said...

That's what I need to do with my Scrabble game. Goodness knows I'm not going to play it.

ksukelli said...

Maybe a dumb question...but what is the best way to cut the paint sticks without splitting the wood?! And did you use some kind of stain on these? Adorable!!

Unknown said...

I use a saw to cut the paint sticks. A miter saw would be my first choice but even a hand saw would work.

For the edges of the sticks I actually used an ink pad. I just brushed it down, along the edge of each stick.

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