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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kids Meal Toy Ornaments!!!

Today's ornament is a quickie cause well, I have some cooking {and eating}to do!

This is one of those things that I seriously can't believe I had to stumble across to even think of. But in my world it is brilliant!
I can't tell you the amount of money I have spent on ornaments for my girls that look so very similar to these, had I only known.

 The supply list is minimal.
You really only need a kids meal toy that your kiddo can't live without and a screw-in eye hook. Pliers and a candle make it easier and the ribbon just makes it pretty.  
That's it! Just think how many ornament possibilities are in your toy box right now.

Use the pliers to hold the end of the eye hook over the candle flame to warm it up, then press the hot end into the plastic toy to make your drilling point. Squeeze those pliers tight and start turning.
Once the eye hook has cooled you can finish twisting it in with your fingers.

Your little friend will look like this:

From there just add your ribbon to make a hanger and your in ornament heaven!
Your kiddos will think you're A-mazing, and they will have a ton of non-breakable ornaments that you won't care if they take off the tree and play with. It's a total win-win!
(They would also make a fun way to personalize a present. Just tie on a favorite character to the package your giving and again, you're super cool cause they just got a little bonus present!)

And hey, if you have issues like I do, you'll end up with a full series of "collector" ornaments in a matter of just a few lunches!

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your families. And make something great-
happy crafting.


Army Wife Quilter said...

you are brilliant. I love that Idea. Thanks.

Stef said...

Awesome idea! My poor 2 year old will now have to fight me for his Happy Meal toys! lol

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