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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Really AM Still Alive...

Knock, knock! Anybody home?
(If you looked at this blog lately, it would appear the answer is no!)

I'm still here, I promise. I've just had the craziest, busiest month and a half. Between soccer schedules, dance rehearsals, Super Saturdays-yes, that is plural on purpose, holidays, school parties, school commitments, church commitments, my shop going crazy, and my family in there somewhere-- something just had to give.
 I tried no sleep for a while but that too eventually caught up to me and something else had to go.
 Unfortunetly it was the blog.

Such bad timing too, because I love this time of year and had such fun things to share with you! so here's the plan-

I have two more big orders to fill and a few smaller ones that should be done this weekend and then I'm back!
 I have every intention of going through with the ornament-a-day series, the days are just going to be a bit tweaked and I WILL INDEED
be hosting an ornament exchange this year!!!
It's my favorite thing I do, and just wouldn't be the holidays without it. If you participated last year and know the drill go ahead and email me
your name and address, and the number of ornaments you want to exchange--we're  going up to 10 this year!
Otherwise you can read all the details on Monday...

And too, to those of you that sent me emails to check on me and make sure that I'm okay--
I LOVE YOU! Your kindness brought tears to my eyes at times when I really needed it.

Looking forward to crafting with you again soon-

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