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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Many Days 'til Halloween?


Holy Moly! I just about missed the entire day.
I had my project ready days ago but long morning appointments and a missing camera didn't help me to get it up and posted.
{Forgive me, please.}
I LOVE this project. Here let me show you...
Isn't it fun?
In all honesty, I stumbled across a similar project last year on pinterest--it only took a year to bring it to life OH! but it was worth it. I would credit the designer but it was only pinned as a google picture, so if you know who please tell!
It was pretty easy to put together.
I started with a bunch of scrap wood cut to different lengths, laid them out in a random pattern, and then glued/nailed them onto 2 1x2 that are about 5 feet tall. {picture top right}
From there I painted the base an off white and then gave it a good sanding once it was dry.
I free handed the letters using black, orange, and gray paints. You could use a word document to type the words and then trace them onto the board or even use vinyl. {middle picture}
I cut small rectangles from 1/4 inch MDF, drilled a hole in the top center, paper covered them, and then added numbers on both sides for the countdown pieces. I drilled two small screws into the sign base. And tied ribbons through the holes in the tiles to hang them. {bottom right picture}
From there I added a few extras...the crow and spider, and the paper pennant banner across the top.
Sheer Halloween happiness going on here!
The excitement just builds as we change out the numbers each day, we can't wait for Halloween!!!
Thanks to Candace and Nicole for a super fun theme {and for getting one more project off my "To Make" board!}
Happy Crafting-

1 comment:

Willefam said...

Super cute! I was wondering if you ever made a Christmas one? I just might have to start rounding up wood strips now- so that we can make one this year :)

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