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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upholstered Foyer Bench...SYTYC Winning Project...Part 2!!!

I have to tell you of all the projects I made over these past few months, I really am in LOVE with this one! It could be the slight love affair I'm having with anything gray at the moment, but really, there is just something super fantastic about this bench that makes me smile.

So let's spread the happy and make a few more!

I started with the frame-basic 2x4's for the sides and center support and MDF cut to size for the top.

As far as measurements go, I can tell you my bench is 12 inches wide by 4 ft long. But the great thing about this is it can be how ever big or small you need. And even better, if you need to have wood cut, the boys at Home Depot or Lowe's can cut it all to size for you!

Also, I used a nail gun to put it all together, but screws work too if you're more of a drill kinda girl!

While you're at the hardware store getting your wood, pick up a few of these...4 to be exact:

These are straight top plates. You'll find them next to the table/chair legs, which you'll also need to grab 4 of--size and shape of your choosing.
Because I wanted my bench just a bit taller than the legs Lowe's had I added a chunk of 2x4 to each corner. But if your legs work for your bench go ahead and add the plates to each corner and then screw the legs into place.

Paint your bench next.
Once it's dry add the foam to the top, cut and shape it to fit your bench.
 (I had to do a bit of piecing here and there because I was re-using a piece of bigger foam)
Repeat the same process with your fabric.
I laid mine out over the foam and then trimmed it so that it hung past the bottom of the foam by at least an extra inch in each direction.

I started on the long sides.
Turn the fabric under so that it lines up with the bottom of the MDF piece of wood and then staple it into place with a staple gun.

Repeat on the opposite side, beign sure to pull the fabric tight before you fold and staple.
Then move to the short ends.

I folded the fabric like I was wrapping a present, again just be sure to pull the fabric tight before you staple it into place.
For the ruffle, I measured all the way around my bench and then doubled it. I cut strips of fabric that were 7 inches wide and sewed enough of them together to get the length I needed. I also added a rolled hem to the bottom.

I started by folding about an inch of fabric back and stapling that into place at the top of the 2x4 frame. From there I worked in pleats all the way around the bench. 

Last I added the upholstery tacks to the gap between the two boards/fabrics using a hammer when needed.

If tacks aren't your thing a fun ribbon or trim would look really good too. You could even omit the ruffle and just do trim...so many possibilities!
From there, sit back on your cozy little bench while your toes flirt with the ruffles on your new rug and welcome your guests with a smile.

Happy Crafting.

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