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Sunday, November 20, 2011

CG Ornament Exchange is HERE!!!

When I started this blog last fall I had one great big project in mind that I wanted to do more than anything else. I wanted to host an online ornament exchange--it's pretty much the reason I started this blog at all. It was so successful and so much fun, that I ended up doing two more of them later that year.
I am beyond thrilled to announce sign ups for this year's
Craft Goodies Christmas Ornament Exchange
 are now OPEN...
Want to play along? Here's what you need to know:
Sign ups are open from today 11/21 through next Monday 11/28.
To officially "sign-up" send me an email with your mailing address and full name as well as the number of ornaments 1-10 that you want to exchange.
Ornaments can be hand made or store bought, which ever fits your style and schedule. You will receive the same number of ornaments back that you send out. Please also include a card or note with your ornament to introduce yourself and pass along a little holiday cheer.
{It's kind of fun to include a small treat with your ornament but not necessary.}
You will receive an email on 11/30 with the names and addresses that you send your ornaments to--one ornament per name.
The names will all be different so making the same ornament is totally okay!

How you ship the ornaments is up to you, but please don't miss the deadline so that they arrive in time to hang them on the tree.

And last, I'd LOVE it if you'd email me a picture of your ornaments before you send them out. Last year I received so many notes back saying how cute the ornaments were and I had no idea what they looked like! So I'm just putting it out there...I WANT TO SEE ALL THE ORNAMENTS! And, I'm pretty sure everyone else does too...that way I can also share an exchange post high lighting all your awesome-ness.

***check my archieves from Nov 2010 for ideas from last year's
 Ornament-A-Day series***

That's it! Super simple and tons of fun! I'd love to have you join me. You can email me at { wmgar@comcast.net } to get on the list.

Happy Crafting.

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rylissite said...

What a great idea! So excited!

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