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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wire Crate Re-Make...{What Wendy did Wednesday}

In the craziness of trying to get back to normal, I some how managed to forget that it was my turn to teach preschool today.
So, my "play" time yesterday was filled with chaotic cramming of lesson plans instead of making something fun. Hence a much later post today than normal-but I got her done!!!

Ta-da! Meet my daughter's new bulletin board via and old set of wire crates. So in my genius mode that I'm currently residing in, I didn't take a picture of the crate before I tore it apart.
 My best description of it is this:
You can buy these in the home storage section of most dept. stores. They generally come in black or white and have around 16 of the panels in a set and some plastic"joints" that hold them all together. When they are stuck together they form a wire cube with 4 individual cubbies.
Know what I'm talking about?
{If you don't, I can't possibly imagine why. That is an amazing description! NOT!}

Anyway, I've never had any luck with these things staying together. I was just about to toss them when I had a thought, "These just might make a great magnet/bulletin board! Great Scott Batman! Save them!"
{that might be stretching the wording a bit, but not by much...}

I kept 8 of these and then with some black craft wire...

...I wrapped the edges all together to form my "board"!

Then I added the pennant flags for some cuteness.

{The flags were sent to me from Sharesa, the CTMH consultant sponsoring a GREAT GIVEAWAY  this week! Along with the paper used to decorate them and the stamps. Love the paper? Love the stamps? They are just part of the prize package she's giving to the winner! Click the link for entry details.}

It will be fun to come up with some magnets and clips to help hold things in place! I'm totally loving it and can't wait for my girlies to get home from school to see it...that's what I did today!
Happy Crafting!

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