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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Re-Vamped Valentine Exchange!!!

It's time for another exchange party here at Craft Goodies!
If you missed out on the

Far-Away Friends Ornament Exchange, here's your second chance to join in the fun.
{I think you'll be glad you do!}
This time around I'll be hosting a Valentine exchange with a few added twists...
First big twist, I've added a friend.
I'm teaming up with Sarah from Scissors and a Whisk to bring you
"A Re-Vamped Valentine Exchange!"
Second big twist, if you want to play along you'll be automatically entered into an exclusive
"Exchangers Only Giveaway"
{only participants in the exchange are eligible for this giveaway}
Sponsored by:

hall or nothing

One participant will be selected to receive these little goodies:

Cupcake Pin Cushion from Hall or Nothing
Winner will receive 1 in the style of their choice!

Finished Sweet {Heart} set from ...Well Good!

The winner will be announced on February 7th!
The twist? The winner's exchange partner will win a set too!!!
 Want a few extra ways to enter?
{Keep reading. They are listed after the entry rules...}
So what's a Re-vamped Valentine and how do you play?
Take an ordinary box of chocolates and re-design the lid-BAM! it's re-vamped!
Try an empty Pringles Can and redo the label and fill it with a sweet treat-Tada! that's re-vamped!
Have a super cute vintage valentine? Give it a new home on a handmade handbag and Voila! it's re-vamped!
Get the idea? Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary!

Here's how to play...
·         If you commit to participate in this exchange, you will need to make one Handmade Valentine for a new  friend and have it post marked by February 7, 2011. In return, you will receive one Handmade Valentine from a fellow new friend in the mail sometime in February.
{You DO NOT need a blog to participate just an email address!}
·          Email me at { wmgar@comcast.net } to officially sign up. Sign up will be open until
January 29, 2011.
I will then email you a participant's questionnaire to fill out and return to me.
·         After sign up closes, I will personally email you with your "Valentine Exchange Partner's" mailing address, email address, and questionnaire info.
·         Make a valentine for your assigned partner..
·         Have your gift post marked no later than February 7, 2011. It is very important that you have your gift post marked by February 7. If you can get your handmade gift in the mail earlier, that's even better! 
·         There is no skill level required. A handmade gift is always wonderful, no matter how technical it is! 
·         There is no price minimum on the handmade gift. If shipping costs are an issue, you can make a gift that is light weight and fits inside an envelope. 
·         I have no way of patrolling every one's participation....but usually, people are honest and do their part. I will send out email reminders. And with this exchange, you will have your partner's info so you can help remind them as needed ;o)
If you wish to play{come on! you know you want to} just drop me an email and you're in! You can also add the exchange button to your blog so others know how fun and completely awesome you are!

Craft Goodies

So about those extra entries...
{Just leave me a comment on this post for each entry you complete}

1. Be or become a public follower of my blog.
2. Be or become a public follower of Scissors and a Whisk
3. Check out the sponsors! Visit the shops and let me know what you like...
Hall or Nothing
...Well Good!
4. Visit Brenda's Blog
{She's the amazing talent behind Hall or Nothing.
Her blog is beautiful, inspiring and very worth the trip. It's also one of my personal favorites!
You can have another entry if you choose to follow her as well.}
5. Get a friend to play along! Have them let me know you sent them in their entry email.

Okay, that's it! A lot of words to say
 "This Party's Gonna Rock!"
Can't wait to hear from you, remember sign ups are open until January 29, 2011.

Happy Crafting!


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